5 Easy Steps for Healthy Living

healthy living

In this day and time, things pull at us in every direction it seems like all the time. A thousand different ways and sometimes it makes us feel a little overwhelmed. Our jobs, our children this and that and everything in between. livegreaterhealth.com knows that its makes it harder for us to get into that Healthy Living we want to. This article gives us some healthy direction on how to do that.

People requesting things of us start feeling like demands, our prior obligations start feeling like pressure-filled duties.

Somebody just saying ill-timed words can set our actions and emotions off like a rocket.

Now, will this affect our health and well-being? Sure it will it causes what we call stress which is not good. Some of us can handle it better than others but its still not good and will negatively affect us all.

We’ve have written stress posts on livegreaterhealth and are very good for us to read and follow just click on the links to find them.

All and all when this happens we need to step back and just take some time for ourselves relax meditate or whatever helps us get in that calm place.

Today we are going to go over a few steps that can help us find peace and serenity.

The first thing we all should start with is pretty simple if we think about it and that is what we put in our bodies.


This is something we do every morning usually first thing and that is eating breakfast. Eating the right foods let us get the nutrients and proteins our body needs to get that head start in the morning. Getting the foods that have right nutrition helps strengthen our heart and other precious organs.


This is something we don’t want to forget about because,  being active on a daily basis is a routine that may be the best thing we do for our body. Whether it be at home or a gym membership. Just get out to get moving to keep our body active daily. When we are active our bodies work better, stay strong and our body releases the things it needs to keep us going. Don’t underestimate the power of exercise for the muscles especially the heart. This will help with the stress situation exercise will help melt away stress our body has.


What is it that recharges our body each day and keeps our mind focused and clear? SLEEP that’s right sleep without it we can’t live. It rejuvenates our body each night helps our body heal itself and keeps our mind focused and clear to think proper and go about our everyday life. Helps us make the right decisions.

You Can’t Help Everyone (can you?)

NO! You can not at least by yourself you need to back off and let someone else help. Trying to everything puts in too many stressful situations. You need to calm down let others help take the load off your shoulders this is a most important process that many people need to change.

Yes, you want to do all you can but there is a limit when it comes to deteriorating our health. Please take our heed in this situation you are going to have to, to have optimal health.

Last but not least…

Believe in yourself

Talk To God

What!!! That’s right. But you ask how is this done. Just like you talk to your best friend you talk to GOD. Put it out there just talk God hears you and He knows what you need. He says just ask and He will give. That’s right He wants us to ask.

Not only asking, but we need to be keen to hear. When God talks to us we need to be able here that sweet little voice when He talks to us. What does God like?

Prayer God loves us to pray daily by doing this it helps relieve stress and our daily strains. Always praying and giving praise to God.

For help with this step you can go too many different places our 1 recommendation would be to click here.

Believe in yourself

Why this Article?

Listen we are going to keep doing what we do in our everyday lives to make a living that just the way it is. That’s not changed but to do it better and have more success doing the things that we have discussed in this article will improve every aspect of it. Our articles are short but sweet and to benefit all who abide in reading and doing the things we give.

Yes, there are other things you can do but we believe these are the most essential for your health so why not do them.

Believe in yourself


Ok, we are at the end with much more that could be written we feel that this post could be the most essential one for the now. For the now is what is important to have a change there is no better time than now to start. Warmer weather is upon us flowers are blooming and life is growing outdoors. We hope this article will do you some good and would love to hear your comments on it. Leave your comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for taking the time to read our article.

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