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I created livegreaterhealth.com to give a different way for people to find there health needs. What they can do about them and where they can go to get help. I cannot make it without your help, that I very much appreciate.


Hi, how are you today? Glad to see you found this healthy website livegreaterhealth.com, it is one that is built for your ‘Health’. I hope that it will have some affect on your health, in a good way.

This information is displayed for your benefit, and it will be able to help you with your health and well-being. Read on, as I tell you a little more About me, and what our site is all about.

A little About me

I was one who would always be outside working and staying busy all the time. Most of my life I was a construction worker, hoping someday that I might find something easier on my body. You know what (I did). I was building other people homes, to their specifications,  to their wants and needs.


Then I started working at a factory. For me the harder the work the better no matter what I was doing. Helping people out, is what I enjoy doing. My joy in life is helping and seeing people well and living a good life.
about me
Now being a factory worker I did a lot of walking, rewiring, and setting up machines for other people. When they had problems they would call on me you see, I have gotten use to helping people out different kinds of people. In that I did a lot of walking. So you see most my life I stayed active and to that part it helped me stay healthy.

There are other things a person should do to stay healthy and in shape. That is taking the right supplements and eating the right foods. Which eventually I will have topics about on this site. Helping try to keep ones health in optimal shape.

Also, keeping up with regular doctor checkups and so on. Staying in good health, is the most important thing we can, do in this life.

Helping People Stay healthy

You know everybody wants ‘Greater Health’. If I am able to help other people stay healthy, it gives me a good feeling, just because if you are like me, you just hate to see somebody sick, especially a family member, you want to help them anyway you can.About Walk Fit That is why I encourage people to get out and walk and be active. They need to take simple steps to greater health.

That is the main reason I wanted to start this website. If you help people stay healthy, they will have longer life and have the opportunity, for a more enjoyable time, to do the things they want to do.

That is the one reason I decided to look for a new occupation. Working with my own online business of building websites and writing blogs.

If this is something you might be interested in, there is a link at the end of this blog where you can check it out.

Here at livegreaterhealth.com we are committed to helping you, stay as healthy, as we can, by giving you the best information we can.

Here is an update on my current business.

I have been doing training on online work building websites. Starting my online businesses and helping others with their needs.

I have my first and only health website livegreaterhealth.com and also my business store website named thabestdeal.com

These websites keep me busy and take up most of my time.

I am starting another website more information on that as it grows.

Please take the time to check out these websites and share wit ith others it will be much appreciated.


This Is my Goal For This Site

I want to help you, or anyone else, who needs information about health. To make the right decisions, and to do the things, that should to keep themselves in top shape. Providing healthy information is a way to tell the world that we should keep an eye on ours.

Please ask your doctor, before you do any activities, or use any supplements you see, or read about, on this site. Not all medicines or vitamins agree with everyone the same way.


This is the beginning of something that we hope spreads around the world. We know how much it is needed, so everyone can be made more aware of the conditions that effect our health. With your help, our dreams of meeting the goals we have for this site are going to be made possible. We encourage everyone to read the articles on our site and put them to use.

Now if there are anyway we can help, just lets us know, by asking us a question, or by just leaving us a comment down below.

This post was some information About me.

All the best, “Spread the News”






  1. We need to get a group together and run a 5k sometime. Maybe the 4th of July in Jamestown. They have one every year. I used to run a lot and I would like to start again before it’s too late.

  2. Hey Fred, Great information! There is so much out there that can help us not just from big Pharma, glad to see you are helping people to see other possibilites

  3. Hi Fred
    I’m so glad I’ve found your site. 2018 is MY year – I am getting fit, healthy, losing my excess weight, and working towards a number of other goals. I have been so unhealthy for so long and I have to change that. Your site will inspire me!

    • Thank you Megan for your comment, I’m really glad I can help with your desire to get healthy. My goal is to spread this website around. Hopefully people will take notice and start taking better care of their bodies. If you don’t want to miss any updates subscribe to my newsletter.

  4. Hello Fred, wow this will be site to come back to for all this information. And how wonderful that you are helping so many people. In peace and gratitude, ariel

    • Thank you Ariel for the comment, I appreciate your kind words and I try to do my best to give the readers plenty of information for their needs.

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