Today we are discussing Atherosclerosis. We are going to learn in this post what it is, what causes it, what we can do about it. What the treatments are and can Atherosclerosis be reversed or how to prevent.

I want to talk about this well-known condition of how the vessels or arteries’ in our body become clogged up called Atherosclerosis. Just like the drain lines in our homes become clogged something that happens over time.

Like the drain lines, this happens gradually just one particle at a time. With drains, things can make it flow quicker and some things will slow it down and eventually stop or become clogged up.

With our arteries’ the stuff we put in our body can speed it up and slow it down the same way as with the drains. Today we are discussing Atherosclerosis and hope we can get a hold of just how serious that it is in our body.

What is Atherosclerosis?

Atherosclerosis can Athersclerosis be reversed

Atherosclerosis is the narrowing of the artery walls by the build-up of plaque. Why this is so important that they stay clean? Because the arteries’ carry blood from the heart to the rest of the body.

If the blood can’t get through the body and the places it needs to go then we have a problem and the conditions can be life-threatening.

Here is a short video to explain it…

What is the Cause?

The main cause of the Atherosclerosis is plaque. Plaque that flows through the bloodstream is made up of cholesterol, lipids and other substances.

Over time we may see some signs of clogged arteries it may start causing a problem that we may not realize.

As the blood flows through the arteries’, if there is any damage at all in the walls of the arteries’ plaque will start sticking to them a bit at a time.Atherosclerosis

This build-up over time can be a slow killer because when the blood stops flowing through any of our body parts problems of some kind begin to start happening and that is not good.

As we said before this can be life-threatening.


How to Prevent

There are things we can do to prevent or lower our risk from getting Atherosclerosis.

So what can we do?

Exercise – one of the best things that can be done plain and simple. If you are willing to do this than chances are you will do what it takes to stay healthy.

Diet – this is something that goes along with exercise if you are willing to exercise regularly then eating a healthy diet is probably not going to be a problem.

Supplements – the right supplements can help boost your health and the way your body works inside. The right ones may need to talk about with your physician or health-care provider.

Herbs – go natural taking herbs is a great way to maximize our health and get that extra punch.

Stop smoking – smoking causes the artery’s to shrink making Atherosclerosis worse plus other side effects like lung disease.

Maintain a healthy weight – keeping our body at a normal weight is very important in disease prevention.

Doctor – keep up with regular doctor visits to monitor your health. This could be added to medical treatments but we are putting it with preventions

By doing the things listed above it will keep you on the safe side of your health.

If anything is ever off or not right it makes it easier to detect and catch early.

Early detection is sometimes the difference between life and death more often than not.

Medical Treatments

We have learned the way to help stop or prevent Atherosclerosis and how that most of them can be done simply.

Can Atherosclerosis be treated?

The treatments the doctor may subscribe for you could be…

Statins to lower cholesterol

ACE inhibitors to lower blood pressure

Testing – do yearly blood screenings these can be done in your area at a health-fair which is very cost effective or lifeline screenings.


This might be the last resort and has to be done every day in this country and around the world.

Angioplasty – surgery to repair or unblock an artery.

Stent – a support put into a clogged blood vessel to open and let blood flow.can Atherosclerosis be reversed

Bypass – going around blocked artery’s with another one that is taken from leg or arm. This is called bypassing the part of the artery that is clogged there may be many at one time.

Knowing this option is one that no one wants to have done and makes the how to prevent part of this post that more important. Starting as soon as we can to use healthy herbs and a good diet may prevent this action from ever happening.

Can Atherosclerosis be Reversed?

This is the main question here that many people want to know. The answer is when you get diagnosed with Atherosclerosis you can change your diet and lifestyle. This can prevent it from getting worse but to reverse it is another thing altogether.

Once the damage is done it is hard to undo it as far as medical doctors are concerned.


Why this Article

Livegreaterhealth wrote this article because of the seriousness of this disease. The leading cause of death is heart disease that is how serious this post is we have to spread the word before it keeps getting worse. The more we can urge people to eat healthy, exercise or put the things in our bodies the less these statistics will be.

So livegreaterhealth.com encourages all of us to live a healthier stress-free life. Letting your friends and family or neighbors know about these kinds of posts. Ask them to read these kinds of articles. It will plant that seed in their minds do want to be healthier.



We love writing these articles for healthy living. We hope that you the reader likes them the same. Knowing is a great thing especially when it comes to our health. The articles on this website are the some of the most informative ones on the internet today. We have many readers but few commenters this is something we would like to change.

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Fred Rexroat


  1. This is a very informative post on the topic of atherosclerosis. It gives the preventative steps and information about what treatments will be like. Constructive comment: I did find this sentence to be a little confusing, and I had to read it more than once: “Why this is so important that they stay clean because the arteries’ carry blood from the heart to the rest of the body.” All in all, this was a great article.

    • Thanks for your comment, Randy, At the moment when I am writing these articles sometimes I don’t make it a habit of proofreading which on my part is a mistake. I will check this out thanks again.

  2. This information is so important to know and understand. My Dad has had 4 strokes, and has had I believe 4 stents inserted. So this information is definitely critical to both preventing and treating this all too common disease. Thanks for this information!

    • Thank you for the comment, Orpheus, I wish your dad the best my wife has three stents at a young age. We didn’t know that she was so bad or we may have tried to prepare for it. This something we never know until it’s too late usually.

  3. I was searching over on the interent about how to stay healthy, specifically how to have a healthy heart and I came to this page.

    I now have an idea about Atherosclerosis and how to prevent it.

    Exercises is always the best prevention method for many kinds of illness or diseases the body might have. As they said “prevention is better than cure”.

    Health is Wealth.

    • Thank you for the comment. There are many health issues discussed on this website that may be of some interest to you especially about the heart feel free to check them out. Health is Wealth.

  4. Great article, Fred! Very, very informative and life changing to someone who might be suffering from atherosclerosis. This is very eye opening to me as well, as I will be very cognitive of what goes into my body. On the road to a healthier life journey.

    • Thanks for the comment, Brandi, it’s easy just say I’ll do it next time but if we don’t start now then we probably won’t start later. We got to be conscious of our health every day. This should be where our journey starts.

  5. Hey Fred!

    My Uncle had problems with Atherosclerosis and I know that is not something to be looked over, but pay attention beforehand. I came to know some more on the case, and it seems I found the right place to do so.

    Thank you for sharing this with us. It was very easy to read, yet very useful and accurate.


    • Thank you for the comment. We know this happens to so many people we have to think beforehand. The greatest thing that will help this is the diet. What we put in the body can help keep it clean inside that is wonderful.

  6. Hello Fred. Thanks for another informative post. It is important to know all these health issues even though we are not suffering from it. As the saying goes, Prevention is Better than Cure.
    Never forget or too lazy to exercise regularly and always be mindful of a healthy diet.
    Thanks again,

    • Thanks for the comment, Sharon, Atherosclerosis is something that most people may get and not know it. It’s important to be check at least once a year with screenings and other tests. Preventing something is better than being cured of it but we don’t always know sometimes. Being lazy can hurt you.

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