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Fred Rexroat

Good day, everyone here at livegreaterhealth how’s your day going for me just doing some everyday work on my website.
If you’re business-minded today then I hope that’s what you are doing too.

A couple of things I would like to talk about today is our business and how to stay focused on our task ahead especially if we are bloggers.

We need to exercise our minds daily by doing what it takes to keep it strong, healthy, and alert.

Eating the things that are healthy for our brain and give it the right nutrients to keep our brain in optimal health.

So grab you a Green Tea in the morning with a banana or some fruits and berries for a quick snack to get your brain moving.

We have to feed our brains the right stuff to keep it sharp and alert.

Down below is a list of brain foods that will be good to start the morning off right.

What is the Brain?

Wikipedia says the brain is…
an organ that serves as the center of the nervous system. The human brain is located in the head, close to the sensory organs for senses such as hearing, smelling, and vision.

The brain is the most complex organ in the human body. In a human, the cerebral cortex contains billions of neurons. These neurons are connected by synapses. These neurons communicate with one another by means of long protoplasmic fibers called axons, which carry trains of signal pulses called action potentials to distant parts of the brain or body targeting specific recipient cells.

To keep the brain healthy it has to be fed the right foods and what we don’t get in foods we have to use supplements.

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10 Quick Snack Foods for the Brain

  1. Citrus fruits – vitamin C increases the brains agility and helps with degenerative brain problems
  2. Bananas – are filled with a lot of vitamins one of them is potassium they all help improve brain function
  3. Apples – help with brain power so have an apple today
  4. Nuts – are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which are good for the brain
  5. Avocados – are good for brain power
  6. Green Tea – is filled with antioxidants that are good for the brain
  7. Blueberries – high in antioxidants and other vitamins are good for our brain
  8. Dark Chocolates – are rich in antioxidants and inflammatory properties
  9. Extra Virgin Olive Oil – A teaspoon of this every morning in your food powerful antioxidants
  10. Strawberries – loaded with antioxidants and other vitamins that are good for the brain

You can see how these foods could help in keeping your brain stronger and more powerful.

Knowledge about the Brain

The brain is one of our larger organs it weights about 3 lbsHuman Brain

75 percent of the brain is composed of water

It has 90 to 100 billion neurons

The human brain uses about 20 percent of the bodies energy

the cerebral cortex is about 85{0580942254a8404b9cbb1b1bb95a6f06e3c05404a4a3e100977df26e356e3e53} of the brain

cerebellum makes up 10{0580942254a8404b9cbb1b1bb95a6f06e3c05404a4a3e100977df26e356e3e53}

The human brain is not fully developed until about 25 years of age.

This is just a few facts about the brain to give you some idea of how amazing and powerful it is.

Believe me, we need every neuron we got and knowing that the brain is mostly water staying hydrated is a plus.

There is much more we can learn about the brain as our knowledge of it grows greater every day.

How to make the Brain Healthier


Do You Need To Know More About The Brain?

Right now that’s all I have on the brain. I believe that’s enough to keep us “thinking” for a while:) And give us some encouragement to think about eating more brain food each morning when we start out.

livegreaterhealth wants everybody smarter and aware of whats going on in this world today and to write more blogs. In the ending of this article, I hope that you have learned a little more about your brain than when you started.

In Conclusion

Another great health topic here at livegreaterhealth.com with plenty of more information to say about the brain that going to be added as the days go by. Getting to know about our bodies is something we are all in for at livegreaterhealth and we want you to know is what we know.

We would like for you to leave us a word of what you think about this article down below in the comment section and I will answer you as soon as possible.

Thank You for reading




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  1. Thanks for the great post! I am always looking for ways to stay healthy and keeping our brains healthy is important. I eat many nuts, avocados, and dark chocolate so I was really glad to see these were on the list. I was really amazed to find out that our brains are not fully developed till age 25.

    • Thank you for the comment. Yes these foods do help with brain function as there is several others that are not mentioned. It’s a good thing that are brains take a while to fully develops. It gives us more time help it get stronger.

  2. Hi Fred,

    Great post. Yes its funny how all the functions and organs of our body perform better when we eat a mainly plant based diet. And yet so many people choose to continue putting junk and processed foods into their bodies. We have so much illness and mental issues around the world and I have no doubt much of it in fact most of it is caused by diet.

    Thanks for another thought provoking post.

    • Thanks for the comment. All our organs take common foods or use to be common foods we’ve got away from them these days. Getting back to the regular garden foods like when this world was a healthier one before fast foods took over. Then the grocery store filled up with processed foods that the world came to love while killing ourselves.

      • Yes..am very aware of the processed foods that I eat….can’t seem to stay away from a good ‘summer sausage’. 🙂 Hadn’t had one in a while but definitely all processed and this is a good reminder to make this my last one!

        • Thanks, for the comment, Stu. Yeah, I have a really hard time putting aside all the processed foods because they are everywhere. I love a good summer sausage occasionally but have to remind myself that I shouldn’t. I guess that’s I need more brain food.

  3. Hello Fred,

    I enjoyed reading this blog about the brain. Feeding the brain with the right foods is essential, that’s obvious. Even if most of us know what is healthy to eat, we do not always act like it. The brain wants energy easy and fast, so often we do not listen to our inner voice and eat something that’s healthy. By starting the day with healthy and energy-rich food, we have the strength to do our work and our willpower is stronger. Then we can withstand the temptations better throughout the day.

    Thanks for sharing the list of foods for the brain, these are delicious foods.


    • Thank you for the comment. These good words are true, feed the brain, the right stuff and the smarter we will be don’t you think that is true? Especially in the morning to start our day off the right way.

  4. Very informative and useful post! I try to eat healthy overall but never thought about the brain health. Thank you for the reminder.

    • Thank you for the comment. The brain one that gets ignored until there’s a problem. then much too often it’s too late. So I like using these posts as reminders.

  5. OMG, I am so thankful for this post. I have been putting extra effort into caring for my brain after being diagnosed with seizures. I take Omega 3 daily know and multivitamins which have been very useful in helping increase my focus and energy. I love the list of foods you have included to help improve brain health. My brain has not been the same since suffering from so many seizures but I am sure with proper care I can rebuild it. Thanks for the great info!

    • Thanks for the comment. I hate that you’ve had seizures but they can be controlled. The vitamins and supplements that you are taking keep it up they can make a big difference.

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