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Hello, your friendly Healthy website, that is here for you, and your needs, here again with another health topic. Here to give you the information on Bronchitis or Chronic and Acute bronchitis. Do you know, what it can or cannot do, to your body? Severe bronchitis also called chronic bronchitis, can be life-threatening, if the bronchial tubes and lungs become weak enough the respiratory system will fail.

With a weak bronchial system, which includes the lungs, it makes the body susceptible to other diseases.

These diseases include lung cancer or any type of lung disease and also heart disease.

Our lung health is the focus of our health. The lung is the most susceptible organ in the body, to catching air born viruses and diseases.

This also increases your risk of catching pneumonia. Now for that matter, I guess it causes us to ask a few questions, like what is Bronchitis?

What is Bronchitis?

what is bronchitis

Bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchi tubes, the airways that carry air to the lungs. It is accompanied by a cough, that usually followed by mucus wheezing and shortness of breath. Most likely will cause a slight fever and tightness in the chest. This will be a persistent cough and wheezing, chronic bronchitis is called a form of COPD.

Some things about chronic bronchitis, although it is a less common disease and usually affects people between ages over 40. There is more than one type of bronchitis, they are called acute and chronic.

Different Types of Bronchitis

We’ve discussed a little about chronic bronchitis, we’re going to give some information on it and the other type, which is acute.

Acute -is more common and the difference between acute and chronic is that acute, is usually caused, by a virus. So drugs for it usually doesn’t include, antibiotics. They are used for, bacterial infections. Now, acute bronchitis usually last from three to four weeks, could be more or less.

Chronic – we discussed chronic a little when we started, but here is the rest of the story. Chronic Bronchitis is a much more serious disorder. Have you ever heard of COPD? Well, Chronic Bronchitis is a form of COPD. It has all the characteristics of acute, but the symptoms last longer than three months.


  • a severe cough – a persistent hacking cough is one of the most common symptoms of bronchitiscough
  • mucus or sputum – mucus is developed from the respiratory tract and coughed up
  • shortness of breath – the bronchi tubes become swollen and inflamed making it hard to breath
  • chest tightness – inflammation in bronchial tubes and chest
  • wheezing – due to the swelling in bronchial tubes and phlegm
  • fatigue – because your body working so hard to breath, limiting the oxygen getting to your body, which will finally cause you to wear down
  • fever – it is possible that you may have a low fever



  • drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated
  • avoid smoke or any irritant that will make breathing worse
  • just use over the counter medicines to combat fever or pain
  • you can use a humidifier to get moist air into your lungs for better breathing
  • you should get plenty of rest so your body can help heal itself


  • If you smoke, quit, and stay away from air pollution
  • antibiotics – are used to treat chronic bronchitis, to combat the infection in the respiratory system
  • nebulizer inhaled medicines such as steroids
  • oxygen is used, when the conditions are severe enough
  • sometimes surgery in removing damaged lung tissue
  • some cases the doctor wants you to use a CPAP machine

Is Bronchitis Contagious?

Chronic – last a lot longer than acute, and it will keep returning year after year. Irritants in the air cause it to become worse, such as smoke, dust or chemicals and for this reason it is not contagious.







Acute – usually caused by a virus like the flu or a cold, and for that matter, is contagious.

For the Contagious

which is acute bronchitis you should stay in, and away from other people for at least 30 days. Being around other people could cause them to come in contact with the virus.

Chronic bronchitis is not contagious. Smoking and other irritants in the air are the main causes.

Home Remedies

There are a few natural remedies, I am going to give the 5 most popular ones…….

  • Lemons – take your lemon and squeeze the juice from it, into a glass of warm water, sweetening it, to your taste. Drink this everyday day, it has many health benefits.
  • Honey – mix honey and a few drops of lemon in a glass of hot water and drink while warm. It will help ease your breathing and relieve inflammation in the throat.
  • Ginger – has many health benefits, chop it up and mix it in a hot glass of water. Let it cool a little, but drink while still warm.
  • Garlic – some people love this chop the garlic up and mix it and a hot glass of milk or water. let it sit and cool and drink, there are so many health benefits with garlic, it is tremendous.
  • Eucalyptus oil – do not drink this, it is used by, boiling a few drops in water, and extracting the steam from it, by holding your head over or use a towel, on your head, and inhaling the steam.

Reasons for this Article

This article was written here at livegreaterhealth.com/bronchitis to inform people who might not know or even want to know more about this disorder.

Bronchitis is a serious illness that needs to be recognized and accounted for. Many, may take their health for granted until sickness hits them and then everything changes in a moment. When that happens, far too often it is too late. So, it’s up to us, to think about our health before having to find out, What can I do Now?


Livegreaterhealth.com website was designed to be an informational place, to help people with their health issues. The design is to be user-friendly and to cover, the most relevant terms on the topic.

If you would like to know more about something, that we not discussed. Leave us a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We thank you for reading our article.

Good luck to all


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  1. As being subject to all kind of infections due to my allergies, it’s always good to read about some prevention and some home remedies. I didn’t know chronic wasn’t contagious. Never tried the garlic drink, but a mix of lemon, honey, ginger is pretty helpful.

    Anyway, thanks for the article, I learned a bit more about bronchitis.

    • Thanks for the comment Benjamin, anything I can do to help out. I’m asking, if there is anything you would like to know a little more about, leave me a comment below. I will put a article out for it. I appreciate you reading

  2. It is funny I ran into this. I have been fussing at my wife because she has been coughing more than normal lately. I keep blaming it on her smoking too much. But maybe she has some form of bronchitis. She gets mad when I say something about her needing to stop smoking but this can be serious is all I am trying to tell her.

    • Thank you for the comment Ronnie, you know, that you can’t tell people what to do, but I’m going to say this. Because I do care, she should stop before it’s to late. My wife did smoke and it caused her to have COPD real bad. Now she has to be on oxygen 24/7, and use a cpap machine when sleeping, it’s just not worth. She is about 50 years old.

  3. Thank you for this article, this is very very informative. My mother in law should read. She gets this every single year. One time we went on a cruise and she got it, we did not to what to do. She was in bed the time. At least least we have know the remedies, then we could have had a bit more time with her.

    • Thanks for the comment, sorry to here about your mother. I hope some of the information will help out, or inspire her to go to the doctor. The home remedies will be real helpful also. If you need anything else, just leave me a comment below.

  4. I use to be a smoker and suffered from these symptoms endlessly.
    Thankfully I gave the puffing away and feel much better.
    Great article and I learn so much every time I visit your site.

    • Thank you for the comment, I know people who have died from smoking before. It’s nothing to take lightly. There is always a reason to quit if you smoke. Vince just leave me a comment below or PM me, if there is some topic you would like to know about or need anything.

  5. Good information here! I used to smoke cigarettes and now have a vaporizer. Still unhealthy but way better.
    I am just still not sure how I can say if it´s actual bronchitis or a simple cough. Can you help me out here?

    Thanks very much

    • Thanks for the comment, I would believe this is called smokers cough. It’s not real bad now, but if you keep on, it will develop into something worse. My opinion would be to quit, but that’s left up to you. As we get older the worse things get for us.

  6. Fred,
    Since I was little, I have had trouble with Bronchitis. I broke my heel bone in Sept of last year, had to have surgery with plate and screws. Since the surgery I have had a lot of trouble breathing, I went to the Dr. he stated I had a bad case of Bronchitis. Medicine he gave me is gone. I went out this week and put down weed and feed with a push spreader, I was done for the rest of the day. I will call the Dr. back today to see if I can get a Nebulizer as this has worked in the past.
    Thanks for the information, it was right on point for me today.

    • Thanks John for the comment, you may have to take some antibiotics for a few days with bronchitis, but should be able to get rid of it. Nebulizers will help my wife has to use the nebulizer about 6 times a day with COPD.

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