Bubonic Plague or Black Death

black death

Ever heard of Bubonic Plague or Black Death? I have years ago when I was a kid I can remember people talking about it and I thought that sounded pretty serious then.

But nowadays I just wanted to find out a little more on it and see if the Bubonic plague still exits and what it was all about and did I get a surprise. Watch this video to understand what this plague is all about…


This Black Death is something we don’t hear much of anymore but it’s still here and dangerous as it ever was.

Some interesting Bubonic Plague facts…

Way back in the old days say the mid-1300s there was an epidemic that spread through Asia and Europe called the Black death and man was it devastating.

Killing an estimated 75 million lives and to this day many people have never heard of this disease or how bad it really was.

Here is another interesting Bubonic Plague fact that might be shocking to know…

Today there are about 650 cases of this around the globe with about 120 deaths a year and Africa is where it is most common.

Now I wasn’t around then as none of us were but the stories I’ve read about it are pretty shocking and I’m going to tell you a little about what it is, where it originated from and it how it got started.

What is the Bubonic Plague?

bubonic plague black death

In the 1300s when an epidemic broke out and killed many people it was called the Black Death.

It is one of three types Bubonic, Septicemic and Pneumonic plague caused by a bacterial infection called Yersinia pestis.

The type we are going to be talking about today is the Bubonic plague.

This is an infection of the lymphatic system.

One to seven days after being exposed to this bacteria you start haven’t symptoms.

These symptoms occur closet to the area the bacteria entered the body.

What are some of the Symptoms?

bubonic plague

The symptoms of this plague may be many but the most common would be infected and enlarged lymph nodes that are very painful called buboes.

So I guess you see where the name Bubonic came from.

Let’s get on to some of the other symptoms…

OK, besides the awful aches and pain that comes with the infected lymph nodes here are some of the Bubonic Plague symptoms…


high fever



swelling vomiting





decomposition of skin


Bubonic plague is highly contagious even by touching the clothes of an infected person can cause you to contract it.

Now what makes this disease frightful is that you could go to bed with no signs and be dead by morning.

Black Death Cause?

Well, what we know is this plague was an infection from the bite of an infected flea(oriental rat flea) Xenopsylla cheopis.

These fleas come from infected rates

As said before this infection can be caught by touching of the person, clothes or bodily fluids of one who is infected.

We know that it would be a rare case to get bit by one of these fleas but it isn’t impossible that’s why it’s horrifying.

This disease would be almost impossible to catch unless around fleas or where people have come from disease-prone areas. But if you did contract it you could actually start an epidemic. That is if it is not detected in time.


Schedule a doctor’s appointment and they check all the normal tests including physicals.

Check all your medical history

Travel history – to make sure you haven’t been overseas in disease-prone areas.

Make sure you have not been around infected animals.

The tests done by a doctor can determine whether you have the plague or not.

Doing a blood test if the Yersinia pestis bacteria is in the bloodstream then you have Bubonic Plague.

Saliva test

Lymph node fluid test

all tested under a microscope for signs of Yersinia pestis bacteria.

If the Yersinia pestis bacteria is found then you are diagnosed with the Bubonic Plague.


The only Bubonic Plague treatments are going to be medication and they will be antibiotics. Here are a few of them…








Doxy 100



This is the ten most common medications given for the plague.

What have we learned about this plague? If you suspect that you possibly could have this get to the doctor as soon as possible and get checked. It could save your life.

Why this Post?

I know it seems that this might not be something that you would have to worry about. Most ordinarily you wouldn’t but if you are around a lot of different people every day or around somebody that does a lot of traveling around the country it’s very possible.

Livegreaterhealth.com wants you to be on the safe side to have this knowledge in your mind. The more we are aware of the enemies that can get us quietly in this world talking about the sicknesses and diseases the off we are.

Now wouldn’t you agree with that?


We’ve come to the end of another health post here at livegreaterhealth thanking all our readers and commenters for all their support. We want to ask if there is anything that you would like to know about this topic that we didn’t bring out.

Then just drop us a line down below and we will see if we can give you an answer as soon as possible. Other than that we will catch you on the next post.



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  1. Omgsh that is crazy it still exists! The black death was horrible and to think people are still experiencing it today is crazy. I am glad I found your site, thank you for bringing awareness to this topic.

    • Thank you, Danielle, for reading and commenting on this post now you are aware of its danger. This is very much real and going on today watch where you travel and be aware of the people you are around.

  2. I agree that this post may not resonate with many. However, it still has its place as there are many people who travel the world for even humanitarian purposes. I’m sure this would be important insight to those going on missionary trips to troubled areas, or may even be passing through bad areas while in transit to get to their destination. This is good info and its important to realize this is all still out there!

    • Thanks for the comment, Bruce. This is why the post was put out many people don’t think about it anymore or basically have never heard about it. They need to be aware like you said people who do a lot of travel to different places never know who they will be in contact with. Better safe than sorry in this case.

    • Thanks for commenting, Piseth I wish that you would have commented on my post I do have plenty of information on this website for whatever you need.

  3. Although we all learned about the plague at school in England, it’s still a pretty out-there topic to be discussing. I say, keep doing this kind of thing. Weird = interesting. That was pretty much the premise of that TV show, House.

    • Thanks for the comment, Tony. Just because it’s old and forgot about don’t mean it’s not still killing today. Yeah, it seems weird to talk about but it’s the truth.

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