CORONAVIRUS(COVID-19) – (what we know)–UPDATED!–

Coronavirus(COVID-19) a new pestilence that has come upon this world that is deadly and very contagious. It’s a virus that first originated in Wuhan, China and has spread world wide.

Here is some of the data we have on Coronavirus right as of March 20, 2020. As we look at this data notice how the spread has increased in just 3 months.

Very highly contagious virus like we have never seen before. By the time this gets published the increase in cased will have soared even more.

Most numbers are not exact they are actually higher than than the numbers we’ve printed. (Very Hard to be Exact)


March 20  CONFIRMED CASES      16,067_____ DEATHS       219____RECOVERED          125           

June 13     CONFIRMED CASES 2,090,553_____DEATHS 116,347____RECOVERED    645,606           

October 1 CONFIRMED CASES 7,335,558_____DEATHS 210,357____RECOVERED 3,923,556


March 20  CONFIRMED CASES      255,729____DEATHS      10,495____RECOVERED        89,918

June 13     CONFIRMED CASES   7,669,872____DEATHS    426,185____RECOVERED   3,640,188

October 1 CONFIRMED CASES 34,080,123____DEATHS 1,015,815____RECOVERED 23,688,865

These numbers are from 2020 the totals from 2021 will be added soon

Are we half way through this thing yet? Who knows. We don’t know how long this will continue or how many deaths that are going to come from it before it’s through..

Is this something God has allowed to happen on this earth to get peoples attention?

Or is this just the beginning of something bigger that may happen or going to happen.

Why is this HAPPENING?

As the world keeps spinning times keeps changing life keeps going.

What we don’t know and what we should know.

What we do know is that it is happening now.

What we should do is be on our knees praying daily for our Lord to intervene. (Help with this Click Here)

Trust in Him and believe His word.

Abide by the Law

Now in this time of trouble that we’re in, there are things that we will have to sacrifice to stay safe.

No get togethers

No church

No work

No businesses

No close contact with anyone

This is an October 2020 Virus Update

Things are not any better but actually getting worse by more people being infected from the virus.

Schools are reopening and some are having to close back down.

As we follow along with what’s going on in the world today we don’t know where it will or when.

Looking at our chart you can tell that it’s getting worse as the moths go by.

Time Tells The Story With This Virus

Lets jump back in here at about a one year span and get some virus totals.

October 2021   CONFIRMED CASES–  46,776,480  CONFIRMED DEATHS– 765,757  CONFIRMED RECOVERED–  36,647,099

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