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Today here at livegreaterhealth.com  we are going to talk about a few things we all need to know about, CPR. Something that will help us all with our normal daily lives. Health issues, not only that, accidents always plague many people every day. We might not be involved with them but then again we might be that’s why we call them accidents and being prepared and trained is important.

This is the reason for this article if someone has heart problems they may need help. There may be many reasons to know these life-saving techniques.

If you have a family member or anyone that is sick then you want to be able to help them if you can. What if you are walking down the road and see someone who needs help. Being prepared is something we are going to have to be. What do I mean by being prepared?

Can you do CPR on a person? Do you know how to save a life? Do you need training? We all need to know how to help someone in a life-saving situation.

Today we are going to answer a few of the questions.




What is CPR? (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)

What does Wikipedia say about CPR…

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency procedure that combines chest compressions often with artificial ventilation in an effort to manually preserve intact brain function until further measures are taken to restore spontaneous blood circulation and breathing in a person who is in cardiac arrest.”

Where can we learn how to do get certified in this? Here is a few websites to get certified…





If you have never been certified I urge you to learn these techniques and get certified from a professional as soon as possible.


Do you need training from a professional? Yes

Being certified by a professional is the only way to certified anything else just will not be legal and count as a certification.

This is something that everyone should know how to do.

The links provided in the CPR section above will help you to achieve this certification.

Need CPR training supplies to click this link…https://www.redcross.org/store/training-supplies

So it’s important Being Prepared

Get Recertify

If you have been certified before and it has run out please get recertified today.

The importance of getting recertified is a very smart thing to do because of new guidelines that may have changed even after one year.

It also helps with refreshing our skills and knowledge. We never know when the CPR guidelines will change.

Recertifying is cheap and helps you keep the commitment you made at first sign-up.

Find out how to get recertified today for CPR follow this link…https://www.cprcertificationtrainingonline.com/cpr-recertification/ or here https://www.redcross.org/take-a-class/cpr/cpr-training/cpr-renewal

What’s the first thing that you should do before or after CPR?

After or before whichever is the best situation in a successful or nonsuccessful resuscitation call 911 should be used on the onset of any tragedy if possible.

In safety first situations live is the most important thing that has to be accounted for. All situations are different yours will be too. Being prepared is our best option in just about all cases especially when it comes to life or death situations.

The more people that are prepared to save lives in emergency situations the better chances people have to live and recover their health.


How to Perform CPR video…

Reason for Article

Saving lives is the main reason for this article at livegreaterhealth we want to see health and wealth and health is our greatest wealth. So we want to see everybody get the training they need to save lives. If you are not certified get yourselves prepared today by clicking on one of the links above and get set up.

Who knows someone may save your life from what they learn from this post.


We always need a conclusion on our articles at livegreaterhealth.  We want to ask if we have made a difference or changed the way of thinking about your health. Let us know if there is anything that you need more information on by leaving us a comment below and telling us what you want. Until then Great Health and Wealth to you all.




    • Thanks for the comment, Waldmann, I hope everyone can and will use these resources for CPR. I’m glad to hear that you are going to get recertified. Let’s share this post and get the word out.

  1. Hi Fred,
    CPR is such a vital skill to have. I’m a school teacher so I receive mandatory training every year. I think that CPR should be a compulsory course for school students. Because teachers are already trained, it wouldn’t take much to set up eithwr
    Thanks for the informative post!

    • Thank you for the comment, Marketa, I’m with you on that I think that it should be required for school students before they could graduate. My son said that it was for him and I hope it’s the same for all students.

  2. Fantastic article! I know for a fact that cpr and medical preparedness is crucial to many situations that may come up.

    I’ve been meaning to take classes or get certified, but I never knew where to look.
    You provided some great links that have helped me a ton. Do you recommend a good book on this topic as well? Thanks!

    • Thank you for the comment, Jacob, everyone knowing these CPR techniques would be a great thing and a lot of comfort for all don’t you think? I think it should be mandatory that when we turn 18 to have the knowledge. I’m glad that you found this post helpful.

  3. Most of us if not all understand the importance of CPR but to learn and get certified is another story altogether. For some reason, not many will want to take the course and get certified. More awareness is needed to promote this and I am sure your article will help.

    • Thanks for the comment, Sharon, yes a lot of people know about CPR but don’t know how to do it in the proper way. I think when we are young it should be mandatory to have training. That means more awareness has to be brought out about it.

    • Thanks for the comment, Lanu, very valuable information which needs to be spread worldwide but the only way this can be done is by everybody helping. Who knows maybe someday we may have to save a life by what we’ve learned here.

  4. Fred, I can’t believ I came across your article today, of all days. Because today was the first day of my 3-day first aid course, where, guess what, we were trained to perform CPR. I would say, as much as you may love to want save people’s lives, don’t go for this type of course if you are squeamish or panic easily. I’m told I am a bit of a freak, as I love all things gory.. well, most of them. But yes, I likeminded to think I shall be fine being in action, even if I think I shall like to be supervised the first few times. I think contributing, even in small part, to making somebody better is the best reward you can get from this life. Thank you ever so much for bringing this vital technique to the forefront for us 🙂

    • Thank you, Giulia, for the comment. I am glad that I got to bring it to you at the right time. I took the course back when I went back to school in my 30s and got certified. I need to do it again and get recertified but I had no problem with it. I always like to help.

  5. Hi Fred, I’m so glad I came across your article. It reminded me of how important it is to know this health training.

    I’ve already been certified but that was many years ago, so I will definitely go ahead and recertify as this is something I should continue to update myself on as I never know when I might need to provide this service.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you, Stephanie, for the comment. I glad that I helped remind you of how important it is to know this. Sounds like me being certified years ago and needing to update that. Hope this post helps everybody see the need.

    • Thanks for the comment, Jessmond, this is very important it might save your life someday. Being prepared is also very important because we never know when an emergency might arise.

  6. Thanks for the info! CPR is such an important skill and I really should re-learn how to do it! Its so hard to motivate yourself sometimes because we all think itll never happen to us. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

    • Thanks for the comment, Danielle much appreciated this is an important skill we should all know and should be made mandatory. This post should be shared with everyone so they can be made aware.

  7. Hello Fred,

    This is such an important topic. It´s great that you have written a post about it. Like you say it is extremely important to know how to react in an emergency situation. I used to work as a flight attendant and we had to do the CPR-course once a year. It is some years ago since I quit the job and I want to refresh my knowledge again. The video you shared here in this post is great because it is always easier to understand how to do when you see it.


    • Thanks, Pernilla for the comment. This is a topic that many people just don’t ever think of and don’t realize how handy it would be to know. These techniques are usually needed in emergencies but just think how good it would feel if you kept someone from dying.

  8. Hi Fred!

    Thank you for writing this information post on CPR and being prepared. I couldn’t agree more that we all need to be prepared. I will look into get CPR certified. If I can help, I would want to help.

    Thanks again!

    • Thanks for the comment, Katie, I am glad to hear that you are going to get certified this is a great thing to know. We all need to help in health situations.

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