Emphysema-(How to Control)

Emphysema Lungs

Well-demarcated, pigmented foci of emphysema are present mostly in the upper lobes; the typical location of centrilobular emphysema.

Emphysema here’s what livegreaterhealth.com/emphysema wants you to know about it. Have you ever heard of it? Well it’s a terrible disease that has took many lives and hurt a lot of families. It has affected my families life, my father in law died of emphysema in his late 50’s. He was a heavy smoker and just wouldn’t quit.  This is serious business folks nothing to take lightly. Here is some more information about it you need to know.


What is Emphysema

Emphysema is also a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), one of the main problems of lung health. It is unusual for someone to have emphysema unless it is a result of smoking or genetic abnormalities. Most people have some combination of emphysema and chronic bronchitis with varying degrees of airway bronchospasm.

It is a destructive disease of the lung that have small sacs called alveoli that promote oxygen exchange between the air and the bloodstream that are destroyed.

What are the causes

Some main causes is sometimes a person’s lifestyle, could be second hand smoke,might even be genetic.

Healthy Lung and smoker lung

Healthy Lung and smoker lung

Being around and breathing certain toxins.

Emphysema is a form of long-term lung disease most of the time brought on by smoking and is a form of (COPD).

Alpha-1 Antitrypsin (AAT) is a protein deficiency condition that the body doesn’t make enough of it to protect the lungs and liver. People with (AAT) will develop emphysema and shows up earlier in life than it does by developing it by smoking.

Inhaling toxins and different irritants

Emphysema Symptoms

  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain or tightness
  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • sputum

And all this can be followed by depression, loss of appetite, and poor sleep.

There are many other signs you can look for like weakness in just walking all around loss of strength. Unlike mesothelioma, emphysema is caused by smoking usually.

Emphysema Treatments

There is no cure for emphysema, but they are ways to control it.

  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid any type of irritant
  • Medications such as pills or inhaled
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Certain exercises for the lungs

If you get emphysema you can see that your lifestyle will change if you want a longer life.


Here are some lung support supplements that might interest you.

emphysema lung health emphysema lung health clear lungs
You may want to change your eating habits.

  • Healthier diet with lots of fruits and vegetables
  • maintain healthy weight
  • Take supplements  to give your body what it doesn’t get with food

The Reason I want to Help with Emphysema patients

Is that I have had family members die of emphysema and my wife has (COPD). I’m driven to help others. I want people to keep regular check ups and stay on top of there health. Wear a medical alert bracelet for emergencies, because you never know when it might come in handy

Emphysema is a form of COPD a type of disease that makes it hard for people to live. I know firsthand what it can do to a family. I don’t want this to happen to other people it’s disastrous if not took care of so I’m going to do what ever I can to help, by supplying what information about it that I can. Further more nobodies wants to be sick, but if somebody does we all have to pitch in and help each other.


Our final thoughts today on this short topic of emphysema, a form of (COPD). Is that, it has got some of the same type of symptoms. I hope there is something on this post that might helpful to you in some way.

These health topics are designed to inform and help the people that may have or that you know may have the sickness or disease. We want you to tell us what you need or want to know about by leaving us a comment below.


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  1. Wow ! I’m sorry to read about your wife suffering from COPD. Smoking is a absolute killer and I simply can not understand how in this 21st century people still expose themselves to these “death sticks” ! I appreciate people like you looking to spread awareness and also helping those who are suffering already. NEVER, EVER pick up smoking !

  2. Yes, I smoked for 20 years and tried a hundred times to quit. Finally I did it ‘cold turkey’ and have been free for over fifteen years. So much helpful info on here. I’ll forward this along to a couple of people I know who would appreciate it. Good job!

  3. You have some good posts on a variety of health issues that people are dealing with. I like the information and suggestions for the supplements, but would like to see more information for some of the health problems.

  4. I know smoking is one of the causes of Emphysema but there are other variants that Doctors are starting to discover. Many manufactured items that create fine particles when worked on are very dangerous to lung health as well.
    I was also wondering about the effects of Marijuana Smoking where people smoke but their disease is caused by other means.
    Can Doctors determine the difference if a person is a smoker and do they consider other factors in their diagnosis/
    Thanks, Jeff.

    • I would say that doctors can tell, if they are smokers. I’m not sure how, but I would say they have ways of telling by the difference in examining people.

  5. Glad I stopped smoking some 6 years ago. Both my grandfather on my father’s and mother’s side died of lung disease due to long-term smoking. I am sorry that this disease had affected your family members. I really like how you presented this article. It was articulate and straight to the point. I didn’t know that there are other causes of Emphysema other than smoking and inhaling chemicals/fine particles.

    • Thanks Lemuel for your interest and comment. Many people think that way but Emphysema doesn’t have to because of smoking alone. I know smoking is helper and the cause of a lot of sicknesses people have today.

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