Fibromyalgia (how can you know?)


livergreaterhealth.com is on the subject of fibromyalgia today. A disorder, that many people have, and don’t realize what it is. They’ve learned to deal with it, and treat fibromyalgia pain with over the counter medications, to handle the common fibromyalgia symptoms. I suggest and many doctors would have to agree, that if you are having problems with pain get it checked out. Don’t suffer!

What is Fibromyalgia?

Following arthritis, fibromyalgia is the next most common condition that involves our bones and muscles. A disorder what is fibromyalgiacharacterized by the widespread muscle and joint pain, with fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues.

Doctors believe that fibromyalgia intensifies our painful sensations, by the way our brain, processes the pain signals in our body. Sometimes this disorder goes undiagnosed, because it gets misunderstood.

There is no cure for fibromyalgia, only ways to treat it and ease symptoms. That will let you get on with everyday life and carry on a normal life.




Several kinds of symptoms can be accounted for, but the more common fibromyalgia symptoms are listed. Pain being the most common one people have. There are ways to treat fibromyalgia pain.

Pain – people with fibromyalgia have muscle pain, many have chronic pain, that lasts more than 3 months. Pain affects7-kinds-of-fibromyalgia-pain people in different ways, for some the pain and stiffness is worst of the morning. Others may have pain continuously morning and night.

Fatigue – follows you when you have fibromyalgia, from the strain on your body, due to the constant pain that exhausts you and drains your strength. This is what comes with fibromyalgia disorder.

Insomnia – not sleeping well, or if you do get sleep, you feel like you didn’t. It doesn’t do you any good.

Depression – many people with depression that has fibromyalgia, are genetically connected to family members that have it. So researchers think that depression that comes from having fibromyalgia is linked to family members.

Fibro Fog – otherwise known as brain fog. Fibromyalgia patients may suffer from cognitive difficulties, that sometimes come along with this disorder. This may include memory loss, or hard to concentrate and staying focused.brain fog

Sensitivity – being sensitive to bright light, sharp or loud sounds, heat or the cold.

Irritable Bowel syndrome – some people may suffer from this, when they have fibromyalgia, it comes along, with pain and diarrhea, or constipation, with irregular bowel movement.

Menstrual cramps – Women may have had painful menstrual cramps over the years, and couldn’t understand what the reason was. Not realizing that fibromyalgia was the cause.

Restless Leg syndrome – some may suffer from this when fibromyalgia is involved. Irritating as it may be, by having to move your legs all the time, to stay comfortable.

You may have many other symptoms than these, if you have fibromyalgia. These are some of the most common ones.

Have You got it?

Good question, if you have got the symptoms we have talked about here, then I suggest to schedule a doctors appointment and go get checked out. You may be suffering from this disorder, then you can have your doctor to start a treatment. This way you will start living a better quality of life.


The best known cause for fibromyalgia, is overactive nerves. There is also no known cure for it either. Researchers believe that it could be reason that may cause it. They believe that………fibro. causes

Genetics – could be a main cause for fibromyalgia, for many cases that has been discovered, are tied to other family members.

Infections – researchers believe that certain illnesses, with infections, can set off some of the symptoms, of fibromyalgia.

Trauma (physical or emotional) – being physically involved in some type of accident could be a triggering factor. It could also be stress, of some sort, that will trigger it.

We don’t know for sure, because there is no known cure, for this disorder, as of today. So, as they keep searching, we will keep writing it out, for you read, until they find a cure.


Medications or Drugs – there is a long list of medications that your doctor can subscribe for you. You have see your doctor for these.

Exercise – eases the pain, causes better sleep, improves well-being, and  reduces fatigue.fibro. relief

Physical Therapy – use this if you have no luck in exercising, therapist can show you the right ways to exercise for the most relief.

Dietary supplements – melatonin, 5-HTP, SAM-e, and probiotics to name a few.

Meditation – used for anxiety relief and also helps with depression.

Self-care – doing daily things to ease the pain and all the symptoms that only you can do for yourself.


Yes, you heard me right, diet for fibromyalgia. Sound crazy, well a changing lifestyle could be the must if you have fibromyalgia. Now the best thing about our diet is, to eat healthier so we will feel our best to keep our body healthy.         Maybe it’s not what we should eat, but what we shouldn’t eat, and some of those foods to avoid are ……………..

caffeinated drinks such as coffee or teasfibro. diet

carbonated sodas


junk foods

fried foods

all types of tobacco


This is not all to avoid there are several more that can be avoided.

Reasons for this Article

livegreaterhealth.com/fibromyalgia article was written, so people with this terrible condition, will know more about what do. Same as for the ones who don’t have it, to help them decide what they should do next. The main thing is ‘this is how you know’.  Go to your health care provider.


I’m going to end this topic right here, until further information comes out. I want to spread this article around, so everybody gets the chance to read and to act upon it. That’s why I’m going to ask, all who read this post, to share it with someone that you think, it might help.

These health topics are designed to inform and help the people that may have or know may have the sickness or disease. We want you to tell us what you need or want to know about by leaving us a comment below.


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  1. Hi Fred,

    Great article. I had heard of fibromyalgia many times but had no idea what it was. Your article explains it beautifully. I have had back pain for a while but it is easing now so I don’t think I have it.
    Friends I know have had it and now I have a far better understanding of what they went through. Thanks again,


    • Hi Kevin, thanks for the comment, more then likely you don’t have it, if it’s just back pain. Who knows for sure, unless you have a doctors check up. Most people don’t think of this disorder, because they have never heard of it. I’m trying to bring more awareness to it. If you liked this website and want to keep updated, just check back as I will be adding to it weekly. You can leave a message below for more help.

  2. Hi Fred! Thank you for telling us about this disorder, fibromyalgia. I never knew this disorder exists. It seems that it is a genetic condition that gets triggered by environmental events. What is the main difference between fibromyalgia and arthritis? Will supplement like Glucosamine work to control the pain from fibromyalgia?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Kai, thank you for the comment, the difference between fibromyalgia and arthritis. Arthritis affects the joints, where fibromyalgia affects the muscles and nerves. Glucosamine will help fibromyalgia patients, by reducing pain and help build stronger joints. If you need any other info. just leave me a message below.

  3. This is a really interesting article with a lot of good information, but I genuinely have a question for you. I’m a younger individual, but I’ve been having pain in my joints for a while now. Is it possible for anybody to get this condition? Really curious about that.

    • Hi Jasmere, Thanks for the comment and yes it is possible. Fibromyalgia can affect the young as well as the old. If your joints hurt, it may be arthritis, many people get this at young age. If you need more information on a subject, just leave me a message below or subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated.

  4. Hi Fred
    Thank you for a clear and succinct explanation of Fibromyalgia. I had heard of it before but didn’t know what it was but now I have a much better understanding of this disease. I didn’t realise it affected the muscles and nerves and always assumed it was similar to arthritis. Thanks for giving me a good overview.


    • Thank you Megan for the comment, a lot of the time when you here fibromyalgia, you here arthritis. Many people think that it is a type, but in reality the pain that is usually associated with fibromyalgia comes from the nerves.

  5. Hello Fred,
    I know about fibromyalgia, but I have never dived deeper into what it means to have this disease. It sounds to be very painful and it must also be mental distressing having all this different kind of symptoms.
    Very interesting to know that fibromyalgia can be triggered by a trauma, huge stress or infections.
    It is sad that there is no known cure for this disease. Hopefully, the research will find out one day soon.
    Thank you for spreading the understanding of this disease.

    • Thank you for the comment Pernilla. I do have some friends with fibro and they tell me that it is worse than we can imagine. That was really scary sounding when I heard them say that. I didn’t know how bad it actually was until then. I guess we just can’t justify the severeness of it. I wonder sometimes whether they want to cure the diseases or make medicine just to treat.

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