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I’ve been around this old town a long time or least speaking for myself. I have seen a lot of things go on, yeah “LIFE” that hurt a lot of peoples Health and Wealth.

A great lot of us anyway are like that, seeing the changing world, and some of it isn’t good. So I ask you why would anyone want to do something to hurt their health?

Yes, I see it all the time and hear about it. And I know we listen to the news that usually isn’t good. It makes us wonder what is wrong with people this day and time.

Life is precious so why wouldn’t we want to do what we can to live as long as we can to make a difference in this world. It is going to take everybody working together to make that difference.

Just like Affiliate marketing we can’t do it alone it takes the seller and the buyer the sick and the well we all work together to make this happen and we are all on both sides of it at some point in our life.

So I ask you again why wouldn’t we want to do what we can to be around as long as we can by staying healthy?


There are ways to be around a long time livegreaterhealth is a website that will help you with that.

Hey, no obligation just read and do for your own safety. Isn’t that simple enough?

There are many sites you can go to but we bring the latest and most informative articles to the table.

As we go through life as I said before we don’t go it alone. We have to make a living because no one is going to do it for us.

That means like many of us are trying to do that through our blogging what we write for others to read a service they are looking for to fill a need.

Someone has a problem we try to give them a solution to that problem. Fill a need and we are on our way by helping others solve problems.

One way to do that gives them the opportunity to learn how to do it. Give them a platform to build on and give them the tools to work with.

Uh Oh did I say work? Yes, there is work to it you learn and earn at the same time. With this platform, you can do like all the internet superstars are doing.

Kind of switched gears on you a little bit here we will get back to your health in a little while just hold on.

What platform would you use?

Wealthy Affiliate has that platform you need to get this done and it is FREE!!! What can you do here?

What else do you need to know to get on board? Nothing, they will teach you all you need to know.

The thing here is if you need to know something they will tell you, isn’t that something awful? (lol)

But do I have to have my own ideas? NO

If you don’t have ideas they will actually give you some don’t you hate that? (lol)

If that doesn’t make you mad and get your blood pressure up, you are just are not human.

Where are you going to turn to find out?

And if it does get your blood pressure up then go to livegreaterhealth.com/heart-health and they will show you how to get it under control. See I told you we would get back to your health. (lol)

Let’s go, you cannot beat that, health and wealth altogether. Learn how to get health and wealth at the same time isn’t the world great?

Please, don’t stress yourself out about this it will hurt your health.

So, I’m going to check out livegreaterhealth.com and see how to get and stay well. Then head over to Wealthy Affiliate to get my business on.

What about you, need any more inspiration, need a boost, what’s going to get you going?

There are simple steps to getting healthy at livegreaterhealth.com. The first step to learning how to get wealthy starts at Wealthy Affiliate, getting your training and tools, because it’s FREE to start for a full seven days.

We are a team working together for a simple goal success, come an bring your ideas and join the gang, we need you willing to learn from the training and support that’s available here.

So come on go check out the health website livegreaterhealth.com and see what’s possible, and then jump over to Wealthy Affiliate and see how it’s done.

I guarantee you will be amazed just the way many are that stop by and come in they say, it’s one of the best decisions they ever made.

Hey, they even throw in a keyword search tool called Jaxxy just to help you along, isn’t that something special they want you to succeed.

I myself want to be a succeeder how about you?

That’s for sure thanks.

Now that you’ve read this article has it made a difference in your life yet?

Is it going to make a difference?

Do you want to know more?

If you do you can click on any of the links above or you can just Click Here.

Thanks for reading hope that you can change your life here then I know I did my job helping others to a more successful life.

Living ain’t living if you are not helping somebody excel and better their lives.


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Fred Rexroat


  1. Hi Fred,

    Yes indeed, time to do things is now! Putting them off will only lead to greater pain.

    • Thanks for the comment. That’s right for health and business alike. Like they say weight broke the bridge down it’s not good.

  2. Hey Fred!

    Great article! You couldn’t be more right in regards to your subject. There is no time like the present and no better time then now to start improving all the aspects of our lives! First and foremost our health! Thanks for the great post!

    • Thanks for the comment. We have to start somewhere so the sooner the better when it comes to our health or wealth. Just doing nothing is not going to get it with ever one. So this is my recommendation on both health and wealth.

  3. Hi Fred, achieving both health and wealth is my current goal. I’m glad to find your writing about Wealthy Affiliate. Does it really work? Really curious to hear from you.

    • Thanks for the comment. You know there are many things we can do but I think that here in Wealthy Affiliate if you are looking to learn how and committed. Then it’s a great place to be, yes it works but it’s not a get rich quick scheme. It’s something that grows with you over time.

  4. Interesting post Fred, you’re spot on about not waiting around waiting for stuff to happen, we need to act now and make it happen.

    • Thank for the comment, Joanne. Like I always like to say “weight is what broke the bridge down”. Waiting on some things might be good but when it comes to our health it’s not. And when it comes to business putting off too long might put you behind the game if you know what I mean.

  5. Hello Fred,
    Life is precious indeed, and we must do everything we can to stay well and healthy, so true. By doing what you love to do, you have done very much for your health. Because when we are happy, we most likely are healthier.

    Earning my income independently is something I’m striving for. Thank you for encouraging me with this post. Love the quote « If you are determined o learn, no one can stop you. »


    • Thank you, Pernilla for the comment. I think in life we all go through stages when our mind doesn’t see the best path. But we grow we learn and we make a change or at least we should. And that change should be for the better even in business. In business, we learn that there should be a better way than having to struggle to get by. When we find it then it’s time to make a change and we have got to be determined.

  6. That is a great point that bloggers write to fulfill a need, solve a problem. As you mentioned in your post that all life is precious and you are filling the need of sharing important health information with the public, and from there using these tools as part of Wealthy affiliate to earn a living. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you, Tara, for the comment. You know if we are going to be writers then we have to solve problems for people if not they don’t need us. that’s the way we will eventually make money.

  7. Hey Fred, interesting the way you have weaved our human healthy into the realm of Affiliate Marketing.
    And you are right we have to be ready to learn in order to grow.
    Great article.

    • Thank you for the comment, Orion, I’ve always said that one goes with the other. Without one other is useless. We can live without wealth in the money form but it’s a struggle and we are always wanting it. No matter what we do in this life we should be trying to stay healthy and when achieve that then we have our greatest wealth.

  8. Hi Fred, it is a good question. I think Health is the most important, and if you are able to find Happiness that is terrific. Regarding Wealth, I think you just need sufficient for your lifestyle, there is no need for extravagance, Alan

    • Thanks for the comment, Alan, and all you said was right even more. Happiness comes in many ways we all need health but wealth is usually sufficient as it is. We have to watch because extravagance a lot of times is due to greed. Having happiness with what we have should be sufficient.

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