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apples oranges grapes

What is a health review you may ask? Good question

A health review is something we may look at for our own purpose or someone that we love.

They may be elderly or young they are someone that might need assistance in taking care of themselves.

However, we look at it staying healthy ourselves helps us help others and especially the ones who are not able to do it by themselves.

Some people might ask “how are they going to get healthy?”. The first thing they may want to do is see your doctor and get a checkup.

Keep up with your health on a daily basis If you take medicine please make sure you take it each day keep it put out each day. Keep up with your blood pressure if you have to take medication for it.

If everything is alright at the doctor’s then you might want to do some daily exercises. Yeah, you might want to get active on a daily basis.

What things could you do? Check out this video for some ideas…

For younger folks, they might want to do more strenuous exercises to build muscle strength. Building muscle strength is very important when it comes to our health when we are young.

Why? because when we are older our muscles will endure longer and helps us have more strength to walk, lift, and do our every day things longer the older we get.

Some ways this is done is on this video…

Health we all want it we don’t think about it. We go on with our everyday life thinking about other things except whats most important.

What can we do without it? Nothing, without health we are fighting daily it to get it.

The other ways to achieve good health is to put the things in our body that will cause us to have it.

As we go through life we need to evaluate what our body needs to have in the food line this is the main thing that should be in our own health review

We need protein, carbohydrates, nutrients, vitamins, and many other things that come from our food and drinks.

This video shows a list of vegetables for daily health…

Most of this stuff we should get from our food and drink intake but sometimes that rarely happens.

So what do we have to do?

With the everyday hustle and bustle of life, we sometimes have to eat quick and on the go. That robs us of good nutrition so we have to make up for it.

Taking supplements and vitamins. What we lack or cannot get from our foods we have to supplement for it.

One thing I used to do was when I went to the store to buy groceries instead of picking up donuts and snack cakes. I would buy fruit and vegetables for quick on the go snacks.

Apples, Bananas, Oranges, Grapes make fast easy snacks for on the go people.

apples oranges grapes

Nuts and vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers are good to eat by themselves.

These are just some of the things I eat there are many more that I haven’t mentioned it’s all up to your choice and whatever suits you.

But making that change in your diet on a consistent basis along with the daily exercises will put you on the way to good health. It may take a little time to get where you want to be but you should see results pretty quickly.

Treadmills will work fine if you cannot do heavy lifting or get out and run.

Here are some tips on where to purchase treadmills any exercise equipment if needed.

There are many things that we can do to keep us healthy and on the right track.

We might make many posts on this subject because that’s what livegreaterhealth.com is all about.

There are many ways one can keep track of there health by purchasing home tools like blood oxygen monitors and blood pressure monitors for home use that are very inexpensive I will leave some links to get them easily.

I know this may seem a little much for some but it is really very simple to do you even can ask your doctor about it and I’m sure they will agree.

The Reason this Post was Written

livegreaterhealth.com is in the process of helping people we not only want to see them be treated for the illnesses but we want to see them healed. So we want to give out top-notch information that will get you on the track to that healing. Any post that we write is going to be the best that we can with the best information. Why because that is what we are all about.


We are ending another post here at livegreaterhealth hoping that it will be of some assistance to people looking to get and stay healthy. We know that all your questions may not have got answered so by leaving us a comment below ask us what you want to know and we will answer as soon as possible.

If this post interests you or you would like to learn how to make your own then Click Here to find out.


Fred Rexroat


  1. Hello Fred,

    You have delivered great information about how to maintain our health on a daily basis. By developing healthy habits it´ll soon become a natural part of our daily routines. The tricky thing is to change the habits in the everyday hustle. The first step is to get the knowledge on what is healthy for our body and mind. Fred, your tips and recommendations are of great help for this first steps to changing your life to a healthier one.

    I´m looking forward to your coming posts presenting home tools which can help me checking and maintaining my health.


    • Thanks, Pernilla, for the comment. More than likely I will be updating this post with the tools or give different options to choose from. I not only recommend them I use them on a daily basis.

  2. This is a great article on how to stay healthy. I know as I get older I have started worrying more about my health. I have started eating healthy and do quite well but my problem is when it comes to exercise. I don’t seem to ever have time to exercise and have not found a great option that works for me. What do you suggest for someone that has a very busy schedule? How do you find the time to exercise?

    • Thank for the comment, Dena. If you are busy most of the time you know just 10 to 15 minutes a day will help you. Just do it when whenever you have an extra few minutes in a day. I little is better than no exercise.

  3. This was a great read! It’s handy for anyone who’s looking to take better care of themselves and feel more energized!

    • Thanks for the comment, Aria, what I like to say is if you want to be healthy make it a priority. Just want to be healthy and you can be. When you stop doing the things that are unhealthy makes it easier to do the things that are.

  4. Hi Fred,
    Really helpful, you have made it really easy for me how to stay healthy. I haven’t sure on what to do and your points about how it can help me stay healthy were exceptional.
    I like your embedded video too, can’t go wrong with the workout program like that.
    All the best in producing more such article in the coming days ahead.

    • Thank you for the comment. Most of this stuff that I’ve written about I’ve lived through it and know what I’m talking about. Being healthy is an everyday mindset that we have to have. Get it into our minds makes it almost automatic to do on a daily basis.

  5. Great post Fred!

    I just today decided to go plant based indefinitely. I don’t eat a lot of meat and dairy anyway but I have had a bit of pain in my back for a while and the more I read the more I realise its meat and dairy that have a massive influence on inflammation.

    Yes eating right and exercise are massively important the older we get. This is a great post for anyone looking to get fit and healthy.



    • Thanks, Kevin, for the comment and I glad to hear you going on the plant-based diet please let me know how that works out for you. Inflammation is usually the biggest part of our body being unhealthy. Cut inflammation out and the health goes up.

  6. This is a great article and I must say I love reading your posts because they motivate me to continue to take care of myself. Our health is very important and the information you provide is very useful. You bring out a lot of strong points in your article and a lot of us do take our health for granted. Thanks for the great read!

    • Thanks, Melissa for the comment. I wish everybody would get motivated about their health. When I see people motivated about doing better with their health it motivates me.

  7. Hi Fred! Love the videos you included. The tutorial on the best 10 exercises to do for starting out was super informative and well explained.
    The video on the best veggies to eat even taught me (a chef!) a few things as well. lol. Who’d have thunk both eggplant and beets both contain high amounts of fiber?
    One question, are there any vitamins in particular that you’d recommend based on your personal experience? I look forward to hearing back from you.

    • Thanks for the comment, Jennifer, and yes most my life I always found taking B and C vitamins also Omega-3s like Krill oil and different ones that the body needs. Find out what suits your body the best or what you might need more of then focus on them.

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