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A question many of us as online gurus would like to know. Have I got a Healthy Body – Healthy Website? I would certainly like to know if my websites are Safe and Healthy. If we know anything about WordPress then we should be able to have a safe and Healthy website.

Isn’t it amazing that it’s just the way we are as human beings we want to be safe and we want to be Healthy? What do we being human need do to have Safety and Health?

Most of us know the answer to that. What quality of life do we want?

Websites vs Humans

healthy body, healthy website

Like our websites what is in them makes the difference between being a good one or a bad one. What is inside us as humans is the same thing.

How do we keep a healthy website? By keeping it up to date, having a good virus protection.

What makes it desirable is by using great content and that is what we put in it.

As in humans if we want to keep a healthy body we watch what we put inside it,  we put junk we are going to be unhealthy and no good for any long-term production.

Websites the same way bad content makes for a terrible website and it is no good for anything just a waste of space.

Google will not like it and it is considered a bad site with no rankings and ‘ nobody will want to read.

Now am I right? Yes

Why do we want to be Healthy? So people will like being around us, to have many friends and good communication skills with everybody.

If and only if we set our website up the same way, then people will want to read it. It will spread with good news people will want to know more about it.


Healthy Website-Healthy Body

Google will like the interaction and the rankings’ will go up. Google will give us the tools to monitor it for health if need be and there you go a Healthy and productive website what we all would like to have.

Hey just like us and our health. If the right content/foods, vitamins, etc. are put in the right care with exercise we will be Healthier and be more productive as people.

This will allow us to think better feel better and produce better blogs.

After all, that has been said, don’t you think that we as human beings and our websites are very much alike when it comes to what it takes to be on top of our games and the best we can be?

Let’s look at plugins for an example they are like supplements the right one helps our website to produce and work better. The wrong one effects it in the opposite way can destroy it.

Like the medicine, we put in our body they are to help and repair it for us to produce a greater health. The wrong medicine effects us in the opposite way by destroying the body.

Google crawls our website for content. Searches out the important words whether in the right place or not for better performance.

Doctor scans our body for diseases(content) for things that are abnormal or what shouldn’t be there and try to fix and repair us for better performance.

Just as a website being infected by a virus which can destroy it…

Our body can be infected by a virus that can destroy us.

What stops the virus on a website? Anti-virus

What stops an infection in our body? Antibiotics

A great question is can business and health be related in the same post?

You better hope they can and they are and my articles will combine the two in many ways.

Because to have a healthy and productive business we will have to have to be healthy and productive ourselves.


healthy body healthy website

Much like the way a website and the body are similar in the way we have to maintain it to be healthy.

This all falls in the line of ways to be wealthy.

With the body being Healthy, it is our greatest Wealth.

With the website being Healthy is can also be our Wealth.

So truthfully there is not a lot of differences between the two.

There are many add-ons that can be added to any WordPress platform that helps give a better performance which can create greater wealth.

The body can have many things done to it to help produce a better performance which can create greater wealth

The Main Differences

The website runs on electricity

The body runs on oxygen

Without electricity “no producing website”

Without oxygen ‘no living body”

Reason for Article

The reason for this article is from time to time I get to thinking about how similar some things are and this just popped up. Now you know that in comparing a lot of things the similarities are almost exact and this one of them. It’s like they invented these things to be that way and may or be a coincidence. I don’t know but I thought I would speak about this here at livegreaterhealth.com.

I do hope you find some interest in this or it to be amusing to you in some way if you like let me know.


Livegreaterhealth with a little bit of a different take on things in this short post. Hoping it will give our minds a bit of a rest so we can relax it for a while. We want to hear from you if this was interesting to you and you would like more post like this. Tell us about it by leaving us a comment below we hope to hear from you.


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  1. Hi, I’ve just looked at your website and it looks well achieved. I like it a lot it looks like you have taken a lot of time and effort into the exact fragments in which have gone into the attention to detail. The picture at the top is cool with the guy lifting weights, I think you have done a really good job keep up the work! cheers mate,
    Michael Van Gulik.

    • Michael just read your comment and was going to trash it because you gave feedback instead of a comment. I think that it has enough about the post to let it go through mostly the picture. Next time talk more about the article and less of the way it is written for a comment. Please

  2. What an interesting comparison! I suppose it does make sense! You make a great point :O It seems a bit scary how similar we are to computers! haha
    Thanks for the information!

    • My thoughts exactly Danielle. This is really something that is crazy on how it can be put into words. This is something that I like to do though and I’m glad you like it.

  3. Your comparison of the human body to websites is very interesting. It makes great sense. What an interesting read.

    • Thanks, Shyla, for the comment I’m glad that you like the comparison between the two. I do try to make it interesting as I can there is just so much you can do by comparing computers and people.

  4. Hello Fred,

    The comparison of a website with the human body was really interesting to read. You have put it very well and it is true, that we have to treat our body well in order to function properly, as well as we have to follow similar principles in order to have a « healthy » website.

    «Health is our greatest Wealth», this is something we may never forget. When we feel well, we often tend to forget to make healthy choices for our body and mind. Your posts are therefore important, so please keep on spreading the word of health!


    • Thank you, Pernilla, for your comment. I really like that you can see what I’m trying to explain here and the comparison of the two. Something that I’ve thought about for a while decided to write about it. I’m glad you like it and agree. We have got to think of the way would want both to be and try our best to achieve.

  5. That’s an interesting take on human health and websites! I’d never thought of websites in this way, so you make a good point. Using that same analogy, would advertising be like filling our bodies with junk food?

    • Thank you for the comment, Melissa, when it comes to advertising I assume you mean what we watch. And if that is the case then not all advertising is true stuff so watch what you let stick in your mind.

  6. What an amazing post love the comparison theory never thought of it that way. Thank you so much.

    • Thanks for the comment, David, I’m glad you liked the article I put a lot of time in writing them so people can get the best meaning from them. Hope you could take something from it.

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