Healthy Colon

healthy colon

Our colon is very precious to our bodies, why? Because it takes the toxins and wastes out of our body.

The thing about our colon that it is very important in maintaining good health. How, well the colon with the kidneys, lungs, and our skin all work together in eliminating the toxins and waste from our intestines, blood, and lymph systems.

Which, all helps in keeping our body in optimal health.

What is the Colon?


The colon is part of the large intestine. The colon or the large intestine connects to the small intestine, by the cecum the first part of the colon it is located in the lower right of the abdomen.

The colon is one of the most important organs in our body. The colon is about 5′ 1/2′ long and is divided into four sections.

1. First starting where it attaches to the small intestine called the cecum. From there the first part goes up the right abdomen and is called the Ascending colon.

2. The second part of the next part leading from there is the Transverse colon which runs across the abdomen.

3. OK going from where the colon goes down the left side and that section is called the Descending colon.

4. After the Descending colon, it comes to a short curvy part just before it goes into the rectum is called the Sigmoid colon

How to examine your Colon

Now that we know what the colon is let’s talk about how to take care of it.

The first thing we need to start doing is getting examinations for our colon.

There are different ways this can be done and we are going to go over a few screenings that can be done.

  1. Sigmoidoscopy is an invasive examination of the large intestine. There are two types of sigmoidoscopy This exam starts at the rectum going through the last part of the colon. The types……….sigmoidoscopy
  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy – uses a flexible endoscope, which is a long flexible tube about a half-inch diameter with a camera on the end.
  • Rigid sigmoidoscopy – this procedure is to look inside the rectum and the sigmoid colon, which is the lower part of the colon.

These procedures should be done every 5 years.

2. Double-contrast barium enema – this exam is done by taking x-rays of the colon and rectum after a liquid with barium inserted in the rectum to highlight the rectum and colon and x-rays can be taken.
This procedure should be done every 5 years.

3. CT Colonography (Virtual Colonoscopy) – and imaging procedure that takes x-rays of the colon. This is done in two and three-dimensional images. These images are taken from the rectum all the way through to where it attaches to the small intestine. Usually done every 5 years.

4. Colonoscopy – an examination of the large intestine with an endoscope. It actually is a fiber optic camera on the end of a tube that is run through your colon, so the doctor can check your colon for any disease or polyps.colonoscopy



How to Nourish the Colon

  • Eat full meals without eating a bite here and a bite there throughout the day, because it helps stimulate the receptors in our stomach. This helps stimulate small and large intestines, allows regular waste movement through our colon and rectum.
  • Water is essential for bowel movement staying hydrated with plenty of water and foods that are water-rich.
  • Fiber-rich foods should be a regular intake.
  • Now eating or getting plenty of fatty acids, the body needs for a healthy colon.
  • Taking essential vitamins A and D, which both help the colon in digestion and helps fight disease.
  • Leading a stress-free life is the main thing to keep the colon working right, stress affects the nervous system in our colon.
  • Taking probiotics helps keep good bacteria in the colon, helps prevent the build-up of toxic waste in the colon and also helps fight infections.


Herbal Colon Nutrition and Cleanse

This is a list of herbs that will ensure the colon stays in good health……………

  • Turmeric – is a blood builder and a detoxifier, it also cleanses the colon. Being an anti-inflammatory it also aids in digestion.
  • Chickweed – this herb is fast-acting colon cleanse it only takes a few hours to work.
  • Slippery Elm – helps coat and soothe the colon along with normalizing the stool.
  • Rhubarb – helps reduce inflammation and also relieves diarrhea.
  • Psyllium – seeds add fiber to your diet and helps to strengthen the intestine lining.

Healthy Colon Diet

To eat foods that make our colon happy we should eat high-fiber foods. Some foods you should eat are……

Vegetables – green leafy vegetables

Fruits – eating fruits that are high in fiber

Fruit Juices – drinking fruits juices will make your colon happy

Colon Supplements

To give your colon all the boost that you can try these out…….


What Vitamins Should we Take?

Want to keep your colon healthy?  Then make sure you take these vitamins daily.  The best vitamins for colon health and colon cancer prevention are……

Health experts say that for the greatest colon cancer prevention

you should take between 1000 to 2000 IU’s of vitamin D a day.

The recommended daily allowance (RDA) is 400 IU’s and should

be doubled or tripled. We should get our vitamin D from diet and

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Vitamin E is another one that should be taken to help prevent cancer.


Reason for this Article

No matter who you are or where you’re from it’s, all the same, we have to have good gut health to be strong and vibrant. livegreaterhealth knows to have great health and fitness you not only need your muscle strong you have to keep your intestines strong and healthy.

Livegreaterhealth.com/healthy colon is here to give information that you are looking for to keep your body healthy and disease prevention tips. That might help you from getting a disease and that’s what we call prevention. Preventing is better than having to treat.


This is the end of the information that we have on colon health hoping that it’s been helpful and you can use it to make a change in your health. For me seeing people getting well and restoring the bodies is the greatest thing that I like to hear about. This is why I always try telling everybody that information that is displayed on this site is for your own personal use and you should consult your doctor before doing or taking anything here at livegreaterhealth.com.

So if there is a subject that we don’t have yet please feel free to drop us a line below and let us know. We are waiting to hear from you. We will answer you usually the same day if possible.



  1. You know I always forget that the colon is part of the large intestine. I somehow imagine it to be completely separate for some reason – you know like the liver or someone. I am glad to have these reminders about where it lives in our bodies and how important it is to our overall health and wellbeing.
    Thanks for letting us know how to care for our bodies. I am off to eat some more fresh fruit and vegetables!

    • Way to go Glenys, thanks for the comment it’s easy to forget things about our bodies when we are not being bothered with it. I used to do that all the time as I grow older and see a lot of sickness it brings me to want to know more about my health.

  2. Great informative article on the colon. The colon is very important to our health as it is part of the digestive system. I have recently put more effort into taking care of my digestive system by doing things such as taking a probiotic and eating more leafy greens. I thank you for the list of herbs I can add to my routine, I wasn’t aware of these. Thanks!

    • Thank you for the comment Melissa, our digestive system is like the gears inside our bodies that keep turning all the time. If something gets in there that is not supposed to be then it won’t work.

  3. Hi Fred, very informative article about the colon. And yes, getting enough fiber rich foods is extremely good for gut and colon health so lots of fruits and vegetables are a must.
    I likes tour list of colon friendly foods, especially the turmeric. It’s unbelievable the amount of health benefits turmeric has on human health and many of them are proven scientifically now. This is yet another example of its amazing uses.
    And slippery elm is another great ting for the colon. The herbalist in the health shop where I work recommends it all the time to people with gut problems.

    • Thanks for the comment Stefanie, Yes diet rich foods are good for the colon and there are many more than what was stated in this article.

  4. It’s always good to be reminded of what is needed to be done to maintain good health. Off to drink another glass of water!

    • Thanks for the comment Megan, I do that every morning drink a big glass of water and it keeps me running perfect. Now I just need to get the exercise down and I’ll have it made.

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