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your heart will thank you

Stop Heart Disease.  Your heart will thank you for it.

I’m gonna start off, with a little life story about my father, who lived a very active life. Always on the go, took his vitamins and supplements, he eats right, didn’t eat junk food. Thought he was in good shape, started having a little hurt in his chest not to bad. He thought it might have been just indigestion, but it just keeps getting worse over time, until he couldn’t stand anymore, so he had to go get it checked out. The results were, he had 9 blockages and had to have, Quadruple bypass Heart surgery, with a pacemaker. So I’m here to say, that no matter how you take care of yourself, keep regular doctors appointments, and keep on top of things.

The ‘Heart’, we can’t live without it, so we better take care of it, that’s our subject today. Taking care of our heart, I’m going to, be covered, some things, that is specific, to heart health. There are many things, that will help strengthen,, and nourish our hearts, like exercise, taking supplements, and eating a heart-healthy diet. I encourage you, to continue reading, this article below, it could, just help, extend you’re living a little longer.

Let’s start off with supplements & vitamins.

Fish Oil an Heart Health

Fish Oil contains omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. That is found, in oils, from certain types of fish, vegetables, and other plant sources. The body does not make these fatty acids, and must, be consumed in the diet. Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids work, by lowering, the body’s production of triglycerides. High levels of triglycerides, can lead to coronary artery disease, heart disease, and stroke.

Fish oil can be, put in the body, by taking supplements, or by eating fish. The omega-3  within it is docosahexaenoic (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). These omega-3 fatty acids are derived, from the tissues of oily fish.

FDA has approved, fish oil,  for lowering triglycerides, and is, the main part, of the body fat, in the body.

Also, it helps lower cholesterol, so ask, your doctor if you can put, it in your diet.
There are different types and brands to choose from, decide, which one works best for you, and start taking yours today.

Fish Oil has omega 3 fatty acids, that are essential, for your heart. Don’t use, if allergic, to fish or shellfish.

Ask, your health care provider.

Vitamin E and Heart Health

Great, for cardiovascular support, and will, also, help protect, your heart, with its antioxidant properties.Heart Healthy vitamin E
It, also helps, in the formation, of red blood cells, and many other properties, that are good, for the body.

Vitamin E, is antioxidant, that is good, for the immune system, and metabolic processes, and has many biological functions, including, its role, as a fat-soluble.

It also helps protect lung cells, that, are in contact, with white blood cells, that help fight diseases, and mix, with oxygen, to fight free radicals.

Improves, the health, of our skin and eyes. The antioxidant properties, help protect cells, from damage.

There are, some claims, that vitamin E, fights Alzheimer’s disease, age-related vision loss, wrinkles, and even certain cancers, some claim, to reverse age-related skin damage. The real benefits of vitamin E, are found, in the balance, between free radicals and antioxidants.

Vitamin E, reduces free radicals, that, are susceptible, to the brain, and can delay, the progress, of Alzheimer’s disease, or, could even prevent it. Researchers hoped, that vitamin E, would prevent cancer, and even heart disease.

Vitamin E supplements may be harmful,, for people who take blood thinners and other medicines. Check, with, your health care provider, before taking any supplements.

This, is another great choice, to consider, that helps, strengthen the heart.

Ask, your health care provider, find the right one, for you.

CoQ10 and Heart Health

There are two forms of CoQ10: Ubiquinol, the active antioxidant form of CoQ10, is made in the body from ubiquinone. , The body, also loses its ability to make ubiquinol from ubiquinone as we age and can be harder to find and more expensive. Most dietary supplements contain ubiquinone and are relatively lower cost.

Good for heart and cardiovascular health. Studies have shown, that CoQ10 may have great benefits for people with cardiovascular disease, from reducing the risk for repeat heart Healthy Heart CO Q-10attacks, improving outcomes in patients with heart failure, lowering blood pressure and helping side effects of cholesterol-lowering statins.
One of the top recommended heart supplements and the right dosage.

CoQ10 is a coenzyme found and manufactured in every cell of the body.

CoQ10  produces energy that the body uses to grow and maintain cells it may help to prevent or treat cancer, and it may help with heart failure.

Discover the benefits CoQ10. There are different potency you can get it is one of the core nutrients for promoting heart health.

Ask your health care provider, find the right one for you.

Krill Oil an Heart Health

Krill is small crustaceans of the order Euphausiacea, and are found in all the world’s oceans.Krill oil 1000mg.They also, contain an oil that is similar to the oils found in fish oils, the omega-3 fatty acids. Krill oil Is superior to fish oil due to astaxanthin protecting the perishable fats.

The maximum absorption of the omega-3 fats is due to the phospholipids in krill that makes it a better source of omega-3 fatty acids than fish oil. I have put an image of a krill oil supplement, just click on it for more info.

Krill oil has been known to decrease inflammation, lower cholesterol and have less-sticky blood platelets that cause blood clots to form. In addition to heart-health benefits, krill oil may benefit more than 15 or more health conditions, including brain function, arthritis, depression.

Krill oil dosages should be, what your health care provider determines for you. Be sure to ask your healthcare provider, before taking any supplements or vitamins.

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  1. These are some great tips. I was unfamiliar with Krill Oil. Thanks for all of your tips here.

  2. Very helpful article! I am on track with most of your recommendations, but always feel I can do more. And intend to, and some days, actually do.

    • Hi Dianne thanks for the comment, yes there is more we can do and should. If people read the article hopes is they will think about it more and do more for their heart. Lets face it health is all we got.

    • Thanks for the comment, Alan this is something that we pretty much have to do if we want to live very long. Our heart is one of the most vital organs. Heart attacks are one of the main causes of death.

  3. Loved your content very much. Im saying this because this article helped me genuinely so thanks again to help me. Thanks to writer also. Great explanation. I find best results here only. Loved your blog thanks for helping me live greater health team

    • Thanks for the comment, Anshuman, I’m glad that this article has been of some help to you. This lets us know that are website is working the way that it should be. If there is anything else that we can help you with let us know.

  4. Cholesterol can be as equally dangerous as diabetes to the heart, but only the “bad” kind of cholesterol that we get from greasy, fatty foods. It clogs the arteries and, in turn, can lead to heart disease. What’s worse is that there are no symptoms associated with high cholesterol.

    • Exactly, Bryan that is right, Cholesterol is a dangerous as can be. Stopping blood flow to essential organs even the brain which in turn can cause Heart attacks and Strokes. Thank you for your comment please enjoy my other articles on Health.

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