How to Work and Tone Our Muscles

Muscle Tone is something we all need to have and keep as long as we can, especially the older we get the more we will lose muscles or muscle tone.

I know when we are young we do not have to try as hard to keep our muscles tone because we are growing and the more we work them the stronger they get.

As we get older it makes it harder to keep muscle tone because we don’t work as hard or use our muscle like we did when we were younger.

Exercise makes a big difference to the more we exercise the stronger the muscles will be, but our bod still gets older and deteriorates anyway.

There are ways we can slow that aging process down and that’s what we are going to learn TODAY.

Diet makes a big difference also in how our body and muscles grow. We will learn the best things we can eat to help in our muscle strength.

Guess what? Without muscles, we couldn’t do anything. Did you know that? We wouldn’t be able to stand up, walk or do anything else.

We need to keep our muscle tone and strong, to live a long healthy life.

Let’s learn how to do that today here at livegreaterhealth.com to have that long wonderful healthy life…

What is Muscle Tone?

Here is what Wikipedia tells us the definition of muscle tone is – In physiology, medicine, and anatomy, muscle tone (residual muscle tension or tonus) is the continuous and passive partial contraction of the muscles or the muscle’s resistance to passive stretch during resting state.[1] It helps to maintain posture and declines during REM sleep.[2]

Toning our muscles needs to have some work put into it to make them strong and last for a longer healthier life we desire.

Don’t forget our heart is a muscle that controls our circulatory system and you know how important that is so please take care of your muscles.

What should we Eat?

High protein foods like eggs are good food muscle toning.

Fish is good for muscles like salmon


.Lean beef



There is a big variety of foods that can be eaten that are good for our body. They are not hard to find no excuse for not being able to get them.



On and on we could go there is something you would like. Just a small difference in what you eat can make a big difference in how your muscle tone will be when combined with exercise.

Do you think this is something you can do? Make a list of high protein foods when you go to the grocery and you will be surprised at the things you will find that you love.

Vitamins and Supplements

Several vitamins and supplements can be taken to help build muscle that is also good for other things our body needs. Here are a few of them…

All the B vitamins are good for muscle building.

Fish oil or omega-3 fats are good for the process of our body using the protein that we take in, It,s also good for our heart which is a muscle.

Vitamin C supports the oxygen and nutrients for our muscles as well as supporting the strengthening of the blood vessels.

Vitamin D – Having the right levels of d vitamin in the body helps support the muscles performance.

Vitamin E is a must for strong muscles because it supports the growth and function of the cells.

Magnesium is good for muscle cramps and soreness which might come from work or weight lifting.

Milk is good for muscle recovery like after workouts.

Muscles and our Organs

Muscles not only help us do our everyday jobs by helping us walk lift or doing just about everything else. our muscles help our organs out.

Our muscles help keep our organs in place and help do their jobs whatever they may be.

Like controlling the bladder or chewing and eating.

They help us sit, stand, or walk and just about everything else if not all.

So you see our muscle are very important and keeping them tone and healthy is a must.


Well, we made it to the exercise section which is something we normally thought all muscle toning was about.

We are right about that muscle toning all comes down to the main thing exercising or weight lifting.

Walking, running, or jogging whatever it takes to stay active keeping our muscle moving every day.

Being consistent with exercise and diet each day.

There are many ways we can do that joining a club or going to the gym each day or every other day whichever you prefer.

Get a friend to go with you make it an enjoyable time you’ll find it more of a great experience.

Listen if you want to keep the pain away especially back pain exercising is the thing to do. Getting those back muscles strong will help do that.


All this being and staying healthy is a great thing and a must but we all need to know and learn how to be safe.

This is why I put this section in the article “SAFETY” very important people can get sick at any time or have an CPRaccident.

There is one thing everyone should know and that is CPR. To know and learn about this click here to find out more about hows this can be accomplished.

Post Reason

Livegreaterhealth with another healthy post to keep our body going good and strong. This website is all about health and wellness we want everyone to be healthy and put the doctors out of business, just kidding. What I know and would like is that the doctors be more about healing than treating.

We give information about healing and treating about the things that we don’t hear talked about that much we like to bring it to the forefront. That way it will be brought to more peoples attention.

Giving people a chance to bring exercise back to their minds so they can start getting their health back.


The end of another amazing and healthy post from livegreaterhealth. I would like to let everyone know about this healthy article and would like to know if it helped anyone get their mind on getting healthy. Just getting people to start thinking about their health. If I have done that I would like for you to leave a comment for me below and let me know. If there is anything else I can help you with let me know by leaving a comment.








  1. You are so right. Muscle tone is important, especially when we get older. I should know. I am 56 years old now. And I must admit, due to lack of exercises, I have poor muscle tone.

    I work part time teaching jobs. And I work hard on 3 websites. I do try to find time to exercise. But not enough.

    I am trying to do better. I recently bought a pair of sports shoes with the intent to do brisk walks. This is good right?

    Also, I am thinking of practicing yoga. Is that good for muscle tone too?

    • Yes, any kind of activity that causes the muscles to work helps not only the muscles but the whole body. As we age we tend to slack off on exercise and movement. To combat that we have to get it in our minds on a daily bases to do more activities and things to keep our body active as we did when young. That lets our body think that we still are able to be strong and healthy. So we need to get out and do it and be healthy. Thank you for commenting if there is anything I can help you with let me know.

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