Lecithin (Are You Aware)

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Lecithin is a type of substance that I was brought aware of by my mother one day. She was taking it to help her cholesterol and I had never heard of it before. I told her I wanted to see if it would help my cholesterol levels because I had just been flagged high on my latest blood work test.

Although lecithin is good for the nervous system and good brain function it has even more benefits.

I told her I wanted to try it to see if it would bring my cholesterol down. She had a big bottle of 1200 mg. of lecithin and give me enough to run me a few weeks. I took what she had given me and a few days after that my blood work was taken. I took one every day until I ran out of them. My cholesterol dramatically had lowered and the doctor was amazed.

My doctor said I don’t know what you have been doing but keep doing it because my cholesterol was down and he really thought that was great. The picture of the bottle at the side was similar to what I was taking.

Now with that being said and done I thought I was alright and quit taking them. I went on for months and had my blood work checked again the next year and there again my cholesterol was high again.

So here I am today starting with taking lecithin again to see if it would get my cholesterol under control again. While I’m doing this test I will keep you updated on it.

In this post, we are going to give you our information on lecithin here at livegreaterhealth.com.

This may help you or someone you know keep their cholesterol under control.

What is Lecithin

Like we like to do here at livegreaterhealth is to give you what Wikipedia says about Lecithin definition.

“Lecithin (UK: /ˈlɛsɪθɪn/, US: /ˈlɛsəθɪn/, from the Greek lekithos, “egg yolk”) is a generic term to designate any group of yellow-brownish fatty substances occurring in animal and plant tissues, which are amphiphilic – they attract both water and fatty substances (and so are both hydrophilic and lipophilic), and are used for smoothing food textures, dissolving powders (emulsifying), homogenizing liquid mixtures, and repelling sticking materials.[1][2]”

This is what drugs.com says Lecithin is used for.

Lecithin originated from the Greek lekithos, referring to egg yolk. Lecithin was discovered in 1805 and has been proposed for use in treating liver ailments, high levels of cholesterol in the blood, and nerve diseases, as well as in the food processing industry.

So now you can see that Lecithin repels sticky substances in the blood and treats high levels of cholesterol in the blood. Which, we have also underlined in the paragraphs above.

Lecithin is made from animal and plant tissue. It also comes from soy, sunflower seeds, canola, eggs, and animal fats.

The Benefits

Well, we know that the benefit we are trying to do is get our cholesterol levels down. Why because high cholesterol makes you susceptible to heart disease or a heart attack.

What are some of the other benefits Lecithin has?

Here are 5 of the best benefits of taking Lecithin…

Besides lowering cholesterol levels…

Preventing cancer – it may actually help in reducing the risk of getting cancer

Cognitive function – soy lecithin can help with memory especially in elderly with that have cognitive problems.

Osteoporosis – may help prevent osteoporosis with soy products such as lecithin has a bone enhancing source and an anti-resorptive component that helps in preventing osteoporosis.

Stress relief – studies have been done and found that soy lecithin has properties that help relieve physical and stress-related problems.

This short video will tell you about lecithin…

Immune system – last on our lecithin benefit article is the immune system help. Although studies have been done on diabetic rats It is found that the macrophages in white blood cell activity increase. They collect the bad things in the blood. Lymphocytes which are the killer cells they increased significantly over ninety percent of the rats tested. Human testing is now needed.

It is also known for eczema and dry skin conditions.

There are other benefits but we thought these are the most important to speak of now.


Risks – As far as we know there are not any known lecithin side effects that are severe. You should always consult your doctor before taking any supplement.

If you have any reactions from taking lecithin like…

Stomach pain



Please always consult your doctor if any of these side effects occur.

If you have any other side effects not mentioned you should always tell your doctor about them as well.


As always getting your nutrients and vitamins from your food is the best but if you cannot you can use pill form. Here are a few food sources that you can get lecithin from…

Legumes – Soy, Black, or Kidney beans

Vegetables – mostly cooked green vegetables


Red meats

Whole grains




Need Lecithin? Find yours Here…

The Bottom Line

As we monitor health products and the things that we have access to in this world some things we may not have heard of could be beneficial to us. Has anybody heard of lecithin or even thought about it as a health product that we would want to take?

Lecithin may be one of the best products for our health when it comes to our heart health. Cleaning and clearing plague in our arteries is a much-needed thing. Livegreaterhealth believes that this is one of the best supplements we can put into our body especially if we are worried about heart health.

With that being said this website is on the go for bringing this article to you and all people whether you are having problems or not. Check with your health-care provider before using any supplement or vitamin.


This is another health product livegreaterhealth has written about as the beginning of several that you have heard nothing about. As our website brings these products into focus we would like to hear what you think about them. Your opinion helps us do our job the best way we can. So if you have something you would like to know about let us know by commenting below and giving us a chance to help you. Your opinion is very valuable to us.







  1. Fred:
    I am currently taking 300 mg of Pravastatin. I have severe muscle cramps as a side effect and am looking for a way to lower my cholesterol to eliminate the need for medication. I read your article and am very encouraged by what I read about Lecithin and the results you achieved. I have spoken to my doctor and we are going to give Lecithin a try for 90 days. I would be very interested in your most results with Lecithin.

    Thanks for the article and thanks for a chance to be free of cholesterol medication once and for all!

    • Thanks for the comment, John. I will not know what my results are until I get my blood work done again next year, but am eager to find out myself. When that is done I will let everyone know what the results are. We here at livegreaterhealth hopes that Lecithin will work for you and would like to know your results also. Please let us know if it helps your struggle with cholesterol.

  2. I found this post very interesting. I struggle with my cholesterol levels. I try to control it with what I eat and exercise.. Doesn’t always work. Thanks for sharing this post. I appreciate it !

    • Thank you for the comment, Tina Louise. Here at livegreaterhealth.com hope that the products that we promote or the articles that we write help all our reader’s with their health objectives. We always love to spread the good news.

  3. Hi Fred,
    This is interesting. My husband is on medication for cholesterol and was told to stay away from red meats, lol.
    Do you know if there are any concerns with combining this with medications?
    Thanks so much,

    • Thanks for the comment, Suzanne, I cannot tell you if you can mix them or not. What I can tell you is that I have mixed them before and they have never given me any problems. I suggest you ask your doctor first but I don’t think that they will hurt unless allergic. I do believe that they will help his condition but consult the doctor first then you should start.

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