Mesothelioma (What it does & What you can do)

Asbestos effect

About Mesothelioma

What is Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer, that develops, from the thin layer of tissue, that covers many of the internal organs (that is called mesothelium). The most common area affected is the lining of the lungs and chest wall. … 75{0580942254a8404b9cbb1b1bb95a6f06e3c05404a4a3e100977df26e356e3e53} or more of cases are caused, by exposure to asbestos, but they may be others also. Here at livegreaterhealth.com/mesothelioma we want you, to know about them.

The sooner diagnosed, the better the chances are, for survival. Our goal is to keep good lung health.

What are the Symptoms

  • shortness of breathpicture of a lung with meso
  • a persistent cough
  • chest pain
  • weight loss
  • loss of appetite
  • stomach pains
  • ascites(fluid buildups)
  • a dry cough or wheezing
  • fever or night sweats
  • fatigue
  • muscle weakness

It’s nearly impossible, to recognize the symptoms early in development, because, it doesn’t produce early symptoms.Tumor with yellow star

You usually, already have mesothelioma, when you get the symptoms.

What are the Causes

Most of the main causes, is the inhalation, ingesting, and exposure, to asbestos fibers, that attack the mesothelium, a protective membrane, that surrounds and blankets many organs, within the body.

This disease has been studied, for quite some time now. The medical studies found that the main reason was asbestos.

It has been found, that asbestos is the leading cause of mesothelioma

Recent studies have shown, that the cases in the U.S., has leveled off, but in Europe, the cases have risen.

Many were exposed to it through jobs, where they inhaled it.

Some people were exposed to it, in household environments, without knowing.

Can, you get it genetically? Yes, studies have shown, that genetics can be a cause, by mutated genes especially, if someone in your family has it, then your risks are greater.

What are the Types

  • Pleural Mesothelioma (Lungs): It attacks the lungs, and is, the most common form diagnosed.
  • Pericardial Mesothelioma (Heart): It attacks, the heart, which is the rarest form.
  • Peritoneal Mesothelioma (Abdomen): It attacks, the abdomen organs, and is, aggressive.

How to Test for Mesothelioma

  • Fluid and Tissue Test: A build-up of fluid, could be, a sign of mesothelioma
  • Imaging Testing : (MRI) Magnetic Resonance Imaging, (PET) Positron Emission Tomography, (CT) Computed Tomography
  • Different Biopsies: Inserting a  needle and taking a small, tissue sample, and surgical, where they have to take a bigger piece of tissue.
  • Light Scoping: Laparoscopy examines the abdomen, Mediastinoscopy examines around the heart and the center of the chest, Thoracoscopy examines the chest and between lungs by using a lighted scope put in a small incision.

What are the Treatments

The treatments depend also, on what stage, your cancer, is in, and the size of the tumor. It depends, on a person’s health, as well, and age plays a part too. It also depends on whether you have had cancer before or not. Let’s not forget the type of cells found to whether they were malignant or benign.

Three major treatments are done…..

    • Surgery: If the tumor can be removed or even if some of it can be removed
    • Radiation: It can be administered two ways either internally by injecting the medicine into the cells or externally by using radiation pointed at the cancer cells.
    • Chemotherapy: May even harder on your body by using medicine to be put into your body where the cancer is or in the veins where it will get in the bloodstream or by mouth.

lung help

These treatments, in most cases, would use at least two of the three of them and possibly all three.

They’re no way to determine which is the best treatment it depends on many factors your doctors will decide that for you.

Free book survivingmesothelioma.com

Why I wrote this Article

This article is inspired by all the cancers that are attacking people today. It’s a newer type, that hasn’t had as many studies done on it, as most of them, and livegreaterhealth will get as much information out on it as soon as I can. I know that if your family has been affected by this disease it matters to you. I want to help these people and this is one way I can.

Our website posts, are strictly, just to give, as much health information as we can, to everybody that will listen.

I do hope most of all, that this site is relevant to somebody somewhere that has read it and has been helped in some way.

These health topics are designed to inform and help the people that may have or know someone that may have a sickness or disease. We want you to tell us what you need or want to know about by leaving us a comment below.


Mesothelioma is a scary word and here at livegreaterhealth.com, we are going to try to give you the information to help give you a better understanding. We want you to be informed and if there is anything we can do let us know. Leave a comment below if there is something else you would like to know about or have a question. We will get back to you as soon as possible.




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  1. Hi Fred,
    Great article covering this terrible disease. It amazes me how many forms of cancer there are and it seems that research is agonizingly slow. I lost my Mother to Bone CA and it took her within 4 months of diagnosis. It was an awful shock for all of us children as she had most of her life been very healthy. I appreciate what you have written and hope many will read and take action early if they have any of the symptoms you described. Early detection is key for any type of cancer.
    Have a blessed day,

  2. Very informative post. You covered a lot here. I have never heard of Mesothelioma. I certainly have learned a lot from readig your article. Thank you for sharing! Keep up with the good work

    • Thank you, for helping people try to be more healthy through giving the body what it has to have. Water, but not just any water that helps pull in more nutrients. That your body is already taken in.

  3. Great article. My partner had relatives who she lost to cancer. It’s great that you’re spreading awareness about this. The more we know, the more we can find ways to combat it and live through it.

  4. Wow ! Scary stuff ! This article makes me think of a good friend of mine working on installing Air Conditioning units all day long for 30 + years now. I wonder, if that is something he needs to get checked out, because he is constantly coughing. Thanks for keeping us abreast of these new cancers and other diseases. It is greatly appreciated and I will keep checking in on your posts.

  5. Very Detailed yet brief. Learnt a new word, Mesothelioma – Yet not one I hope to ever experience. Great Insight on this thank you for sharing your knowledge on this. Good to read what the symptoms are, so the reader can identify this before its life threatening.

  6. Very useful article. I’m also a health conscious individual and I’d love to read more from you.

    • Thank you, I try to give enough information, that, if read some of it might soak in and be remembered. If you would like to more information on a topic let me know with a comment.

  7. Thank you for sharing this with us. A very detailed information on the illness. In fact, I must commend for there is a wealth of information in this site.
    Cheers & keep it going!!

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