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Simple Steps to your Greater Health‘ no matter what part of the world you are from, or what background. I’ve put together some simple steps that will help guide you to that optimal health. This is what we all want at livegreaterhealth.com.

Simple Steps to Fitness

Step 1: Daily physical exercise, will keep our bodies in the best shape. You know, it’s pretty much a must. We all know, that getting out and enjoying life, is something we all like to do.

Fitness, Work Out,simple stepsSo, I would like to encourage everybody, to just get out, or even inside, if you are not able to go outside. We do encourage you to make yourself a strategy, of daily exercise routines and follow them.

Join a gym, or a group, in daily exercise, to get Greater Health maybe get out and ride bicycles, rollerblade, walk, run, jump rope, or any activity that will work your muscles and get our blood pumping and your heart rate up, which in turn, is good for your heart health.

Going outdoors and canoeing or kayaking would be, good activities for your health, which might even include swimming or any kind of water sports. Some people get into rock climbing and extreme activities, just get out and do it improve your health today don’t keep waiting.

I cannot urge you enough to stay active if you are not able to do extreme sports. Get out and walk in your front yard, or where ever you can, this will help your health.

fitness, simple stepsHaving strong muscles is what we want to achieve so that we can do what needs to be done in life. This will allow us, to be a little more heart-healthy, and prolong our lives. Now, this is just part of the fitness we are going to have to accomplish.

Why do you want to exercise and stay healthy? Well, there should be many reasons why we would want to. Don’t you like to feel good? Sure you do. Don’t you want to keep sickness away? Sure. All this can be accomplished, by staying fit through these Simple Steps. It will help you to ward off disease, and other health problems. All around, It’ll let you feel good about yourself.

There are other things that will help, making sure you get the right supplements and vitamins that our system needs to help lead a normal healthy life. I encourage you to talk to your healthcare provider about what you should or should not put into your diet.

That brings me to another thing “Diet”. Everybody needs to eat a nutritious diet, to get the minerals and enzymes the body needs to be in optimal health. It’s just as important as exercise, and it all goes together to get our best health. Any physical activity is better than no activity.

Simple Steps to Mental Health

mental health, simple steps

Step 2: What is mental health to us, well it affects our well-being and how we feel, think and act. We do not want to take it for granted.

We need to work on improving our mental health. Some of the simple steps, would be, how we handle stress, treat other people, or make decisions. Keep a positive attitude and do what we can, to keep, illnesses away.

We need to feel good about ourselves and love ourselves. Our mental health controls how we think, and behave, it also, determines how we cope with stress and how we relate to others.

It affects our emotional state and our energetic and positive state of mind. This is just some of the simple steps we will be talking about as more will be added later.

We have:

Peace with ourselves – First and foremost, we have to have this, or we will never be content.

Self-confidence – This is what gives us the drive to keep going in the right direction, and not stop.

Purpose and meaning – If we don’t have this we need to get it because this gives us what we want to.

Ability to have fun – We need to have fun with what we do, in order to do it the best we can and enjoy.

To deal with problems – All the above, helps us deal with any problems we encounter on the way.

Meditation – This helps with our mental strength and our all-around well-being.

Exercise – Our physical body and mind all benefits from this, with a daily routine.

Eat right diet – eating the right foods make a big difference also, we do get most of our nutrients from our food.

Get the right supplements vitamins – We can supplement or boost the rest of what we need by taking our vitamins or supplements daily.



 Mental Health Diet

We have to eat right and get the right nutrients for our brain to stay healthy just like other parts of our body. Eat at least three meals a day,  take our vitamins and cut out most of your sweet drinks and caffeine, but don’t forget to drink plenty of water.greater health, simple steps, improve your health today

Foods you should eat……

  • dairy products
  • fruits and vegetables
  • wholegrain bread or cereal
  • fish
  • nuts


Foods to avoid ……

  • drinks with immoderate amounts of caffeine and sugar
  • foods that are fried,  high-fat, or high amounts of sugar
  • meals, especially, make sure not to skip breakfast, skipping meals is not a good routine. Your body depends on the nutrition, that it gets from the food, on a normal basis, especially your brain.

For Mental Wellness we need to…

  • Get the right amount of sleep
  • Quit smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Staying active
  • Communicating with others

Now, I would like to walk you through, some other simple steps, that will help you work your mind, a little more, like doing more reading. Just grab a book and start, when you’re sitting around. You can work word puzzles, anything that will cause you to think a little harder.

Simple Steps to Spiritual Health

Step 3: What is “Spiritual Health”? Well, it is the peace and calmness we experience in our everyday lives. Which is determined by the time we spend developing it, that gives us it’s value.

Now some people might not consider this to be a simple step, but let me tell you if you need a little more peace and calmness in Simple Steps, mental health, greater healthyour life this may be what you need for that greater health. Spirituality is something we all have, our spiritual health should be very important to us.

Accessing ourselves is the only way this can happen. Nobody can do it for us, we should put some extra thought into this.

Developing spiritual health starts with a person’s desire to give life purpose and meaning through a higher power that intercedes in their life when they pray.

These people spend time praying often whether daily or weekly so they can build up their spiritual health. They may even use meditation to help with their spiritual well-being to better find a way to elevate their spiritual health.

From my point of view, I think spiritual health is one of the most important for our well-being it gives more peace to go through the trials of life that we go through and makes it easier for us.

Get out, or go to a place where you can be by yourself and just relax. You know taking just a few simple steps could make an enormous difference.  I would like you to feel free to leave me a comment on this subject.

Overall Health

There are many ways to keep our health in top form. I know that whatever we put into to it will pay off in the long run. Let’s face it, we need to do things that are going to help our well-being. No one shouldn’t slack on this one. Nothing is more important than our health and well-being.

Just think of the people that are not able to get out and exercise the way they would like to, because of some type of disability. For the people who are able, need to take advantage of it, we never know when something might take that away from us.

My Conclusion

Everything that you read on this site is to help inform all individuals with simple steps to great health. To those who will have the opportunity to read this and put it into action.
Taking action is the only thing that’s going to bring this all to my point of ‘ Great Health’.

We are not doctors and you should ask your healthcare provider before doing or taking anything you have seen or read on this site. I am someone who likes to be healthy and is willing to take the steps needed to get there. I want to get the best information to all who will take advantage of it. Now with that being said, there are going to be more information as I get it processed and out to everyone.

I have a link to an exercise mat below if interested please check it out and find the right size for you and also here’s a great multivitamin. I do want to say that I will be expanding on this post as time permits. There are many products in our shop.livegreaterhealth.com store. Please drop in and check it out.

We want to ask if there is anything at all, that we can help you with, or you want to know more about, contact us below in the comment section and we will get back to you.

Good luck to all.






  1. I love how your article covers all different aspects of health and not just the physical. Far too often, people neglect their mental and spiritual health. Great read!

  2. These are all things that work together in harmony for us to gain greater health. I’m a bit surprised that you didn’t mention anything on nutrition, but I’m sure that is a post in and of itself! Great post!

  3. I love how you have things fall into place.I didn’t see anything about food, that’s also an important element. I know first hand because certain food I eat I get sick pretty bad. Overall I enjoy reading it.great job.

  4. It is so true that health is not just a physical element. If our mental and spiritual health is out of balance, your physical health will suffer too. We all need to check up on all these three areas. Thank you for the information.

  5. I do agree. Not only the body needs exercises. However, I think you’ve forgotten to mention the very important thing. Healthy diet. Working out – of course, but if we don’t care about providing nutritional food for ourselves, the success isn’t complete… Multivitamin will not be enough 🙂

    • I agree, exercise will not be enough. What we put in our bodies, like nutritional foods, is going to give our muscles and organs what they need.

  6. I neglected myself under all these aspects for many years, and then out of the blue it all caught up with me. I had to stop, take a rain check and start looking after myself on all the aspects you mention above. And it’s amazing how they all help fulfil each other! Good exercise, for instance, help your mental health. A good walk with your dog makes you happy, helps you think, and you can even pray – and of course it helps your body keep fit.

  7. I agree that nothing is more important than our health and wellbeing. No amount of money or material things can take precedence of health in my perspective. Good health is not merely physical health. It also encompasses our mental, spiritual and emotional health. If any one element falls out of balance, we will become ill and the symptoms will be expressed physically. I like the fact that you also pointed out the importance of diet. There is saying that we are what we eat, and it is very true. Thank you for sharing!

    • Your welcome. yes I have heard that saying and it is true. What we put in our bodies like nutrition and what we don’t put in it like smoking or drugs is going to be the results of our Health.

  8. This is a great site. I love the detail of this article. Your absolutely right that we should develop spiritual health, as this aids in many factors in our lives. Our overall health is very important as it helps to lead a fuller, happier life. It also has positive effects on those around us when we look after ourselves. Great Job 🙂

    • Thank you Naomi, for your kinds words, our health, is nothing, that we should over look. I’ve designed, this site to be added to, as it goes along, with more health topics. To help people, for all of their needs.

  9. Hi,
    I have been neglecting my physical health and a balanced diet for a few years and I feel the pain now. So, I will now take the steps to get back on track and have abetter quality of life. You touched on many important aspects in this post and I will follow your advise. Thanks for such a thorough article. It helps a lot.

    All the best

    • Thanks for your comment, I once was the same way, neglecting my body, when I was younger. I thought, I would live forever, as I got older and begin to learn how to stay healthier, I changed my habits, of what food and nutrients my body needed.

  10. I love how you spoke about all aspects of health: physical, mental and spiritual. I agree that you must have all components of this 3 legged stool or your health with surely topple over. Such an important subject to bring awareness to.

    • Thank you Wendy for your comment, yes all aspects have to be considered for optimal health. My post on Breast Cancer Awareness is my latest. Did you get a chance to check it out, and tell me what you think.

  11. Thank you for a timely reminder about fitness, mental health, healthy diet, spiritual – this is what I needed. I set many goals at the beginning of the year that I want to achieve in 2018 as I feel like I’ve been going nowhere for many years. All of these are on my list to focus on regularly. I was obviously meant to find this post to keep me on my new plan to a healthier, happier me.

    • Thank you Megan for the comment, You are right about having things to keep reminding us, of our resolutions for this year. One of the ones I want to keep is staying healthy, it’s easy for us to slack off our obligations.

      • Hello Fred
        Well I decided to mix it up a bit today and instead of jumping on the treadmill I followed a walking at home fitness video on YouTube. OMG! What a workout. It wasn’t just walking but incorporating arm movements as well. I think I may feel a bit sore tomorrow but I feel energised today!

        • Well I’m glad to see exercising to stay healthy. I don’t know what your goal is, but I’m sure you will make if you keep it going. Good job.

  12. I think you covered everything here! Exercising enough and staying healthy in a holistic way is a real challenge these days. Some of us live in small spaces and work too much to get out to gyms. Yet, there is always a way to exercise, anti-stress tools can be found on youtube, also yoga routines et al are very accessible. And the rewards are great.

    • Thank you for the comment, as we get older the urge to exercise kinda gets pushed to the back burner. The things we put in our bodies these days keeps us from getting the right nutrients if any that our body needs. With the hustle of todays business it takes away from our time to exercise and eat right.

  13. I agree Fred. Staying active and healthy should be everyone’s goal in life. I like your idea to do something everyday – even if it’s only go for a walk.
    I like that you also talk about Mental Health. This is a very overlooked area that people quickly forget about. But mental health is so important. How we handle stress, treat other people, or make decisions really does have a big impact on our lives and the lives of people that we care about .
    Thanks for writing this.

    • Thank you Glenys for the comment, we have to work at our health if we want to keep it. Doing what we can each day plays a major role in keeping our health. Yes mental health is way to often overlooked and it’s up to us to do these things for ourselves.

  14. Hey Fred,
    Great article! You have just inspired me to work out again. This is something that we should all try to do to better ourselves. Money is important, but taking care of our body is more important.

    Also, thanks for reminding me about mental health as well! Without mental health, you’ll have a hard time focusing on your physical health.


    • Thank you, Eric, for the comment. Since I lost my 9 to 5 job I don’t exercise like I did. but in other ways, I stay busy taking on other chores. And try to keep my mind active doing blogging.

    • Thanks for the comment, Alan, you know we can never do too much for our health. Because it’s a never-ending process to stay healthy. We have to work at it each day. Naturally is always better if used the right way.

  15. I like your inclusion of enough sleep which is very essential in health. Many stress on the proper nutrition and exercise but they lack to include enough rest. I do believe that even we eat properly if we lack sleep our body is not vigorous enough to do exercise and work so many people go to work lacking enough strength for the day.

    • Thanks for the comment, Jimmy, a lot of people don’t think about especially when you’re young, but sleep is very important to our health. Along with eating the right foods and getting enough exercise our health can stay on the up and up. This will let us do the everyday things we need to do.

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