Have you got Sinusitis or a common cold? Well, I hope you can find out here, as you keep reading. Every year at about the same time I get a cold in my head or sinus infection. I don’t ever get it checked out, I just try to deal with it. with over the counter medications.

Sometimes it gets really bad, blood will even come through my nose when I blow it. I hope that didn’t bother you, so what we are going to find out is, what sinusitis is. Some people with severe sinusitis are really affected worse than others, in some cases, severe sinus problems will get you down. March is sinus awareness month.

What is Sinusitis?

Sinus infection, or rhinosinusitis that’s what it called and it is the inflammation of the sinuses. Better known as the mucous membrane that is in the paranasal sinuses.

When this inflammation gets serious enough, then we will have symptoms, that, way too often, can get us down. These symptoms affect people differently and are chronologically classified into different categories.

Sinusitis Classifications

Acute – an infection that could last up to 1 to 4 weeks, depending on its severity.

Subacute – an infection that lasts from 4 to 12 weeks, this the stage between acute and chronic

Chronic – when the symptoms of sinusitis last more than 12 weeks and keep coming back


Pain – in the face and behind the eyes, this is an irritating pain that throbs in your face.

Stuffy and runny nose – constant nose stopping up especially in the morning, and then running. Making it hard to breathe and sleep.

Sneezing and coughing – doing this off and on all through the day.

Itchy eyes – all through the day, rubbing them causing more irritation.

Headache – a constant nagging headache, that just won’t go away.

Fever – slight fever, because of the infection in the head.

Sore throat – infected mucus drainage into the throat.

Tiredness – which amounts, for you being tired all the time.

Sinusitis Causes

Allergies – usually this can’t be avoided.

Swimming – not always, but swimming in chlorinated water can cause ear and sinus infection.

Smoking – yes, smoking can cause sinusitis by destroying nasal cilia.

A cold – having a cold can be a factor in getting sinus infection. Due to inflammation in the sinus passages.

Irritant – any irritant that affects the sinuses.

Risk Factors

There is a few risk factors when it comes to sinusitis.

Allergies – always a risk for a sinus infection, because anything can cause them to react.

Weak immune system – easier to catch anything that’s going around.

Abnormal nasal passages – with this, you may keep, it about all the time.

Nasal polyps – abnormal growths inside the nasal passages.



Treatments depend highly on the severity of the infection.

Rest – get plenty of this, so the body can heal itself.

Drinking plenty of water – this will help moisten sinuses flush the mucus.

Nasal spray – will give relief and help your breathing.

Decongestants – helps clear and drain your head of congestion.

Antibiotics – only used if the infection is a bacterial one.

Surgery – chronic sinusitis may include nasal surgery if the medications don’t work. To remove nasal polyps.

Natural Remedies

The remedies for sinusitis are similar to the bronchitis remedies.

This are some of the things that will ease the symptoms.

Steam – being one of the best ways of opening up the sinuses.

Hot damp cloth – on the face several times a day.

Humidifier – breathing moist clean air.

Spicy foods’ – will help clear and open the sinuses.


Well, what can I say, there are ways to help prevent getting sinusitis, but it’s not easy.


  • the contact with other people who have colds.
  • Smoke, including secondhand smoke
  • the wrong foods’
  • allergy-causing things
  • washing hands
  • immunizations

Reason for this Article

This article was written the for all people, because most people, will be affected by this, some time in there life. livegreaterhealth.com/sinusitis cares about your health, and how to keep you well. It’s better to be prepared, and knowing what to do when these things come along. Our job is to get this health articles, out to the people, by sharing this content. We would like everybody to get the opportunity to read this health articles, so help us spread the news.


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Fred Rexroat


    • Thank you for the comment, I hope this can help you, or someone you know, if they have any health problems. If there are anything that we can help you with or an article you would like to know about. Leave us a comment below, and we will get back to you. I appreciate you reading this article.

  1. Hey Fred, thank you for the info. I, too, fight my blocked nose with spicy foods. Bring on the peppercorns and wasabi!

    • Thank you for the comment Dom I appreciate it. Yes you are right about the spicy foods, I have not listed them yet. Wasabi will be one of them. If you liked the site and want to know more about my topics. You can join our newsletter, or leave me a message below, and we will get back with you.

  2. See I keep telling my wife that this smoking she is doing is causing her problems. From the coughing, sneezing, headaches and yes being grumpy. She needs to read this information but she is in serious denial.

    • Thanks you for the comment, my wife used to have the same symptoms, it led to COPD. Now she is on oxygen all the time. We can’t change the past, but we can change our future.

  3. What a great informative post about sinusitis. For people that have never suffered with this you have given a great explanation so they can develop an understanding. I have allergies and so when my hayfever is out of control, my sinuses start playing up. You feel like crap and exhausted from it all. It is good to educate people that it is not “just an allergy”!

    • Thank you for the comment, I hope this post can reach out to other people and help them also. It seems like great deal of people take their health for granted. They will see the necessity of sooner or later, I appreciate you reading this post. If there is anything that you would like a health topic on, that I have not covered, please let me know, with a message below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

  4. I have this problem 25 years now…I did everything…surgery…spray…everything but never heals. I have it most of the time but in this period of the year is worst. You are right about spicy food, they help and is one of the natural remedies i really enjoy:) Steam I hate it but a damp cloth I will try.
    I just hate taking medicines.
    Thanks for sharing was very helpful.I will sure be back for more health information.
    Have a nice day.

    • Thank you Cristina for the comment, this problem bothers me today and has for years, I hardly ever take anything for it I just suffer. Their are things that you can do to help naturally and medically I just don’t bother with dealing with it. You have a great day also.

  5. HI Fred, I was wondering what your thoughts are about using nose sprays (like Afrin) to help relieve some of the symptoms? When mine gets bad and starts affecting the pressure in my ears, I will use them, but only for a couple of days. My older sister had used them on a constant base and it really affected her sinuses badly. So I have learned from her mistakes.

    • Thanks for the comment Kim, and what happens in the case of most nose sprays decongestant in them when used shrinks the blood vessels and provides the quick relief. Over doing it causes the blood vessels to become immune the decongestant and just doesn’t work. So nose spray is just temporary relief and shouldn’t be used over a few days at a time as directed.

  6. HI Fred,
    Thanks for the great article on Sinusitis. I often get that little tickle that you get when your nose is slightly blocked. I always wondered what caused it. I thought it was allergies. I did not realise that swimming could be a major cause of this problem as well. Who knew that exercising and looking after our bodies could cause other problems as well? I sometimes try a Chinese medicine solution of a Netti pot. Have you ever tried this salt and warm water solution yourself?

    • Thanks for the comment Glenys. Yes I have tried salt water for the throat may not be the same as Netti pot I don’t know exactly what that is but salt water works well as a gargle. Steam works well on the sinuses also. There are several things not mentioned the would be good.

  7. Hi Fred,
    Great article. I had to laugh when I read about how allergies and to stay away from those allergens. But it seems I’m allergic to the world, lol. Oh well, winter is here now, in Canada, so I’ll be in more than out.
    I should have taken shares out in the antihistamine market, LOL.

    • Thanks for the comment, Suzanne, sinusitis is the cause of many cold and mucus problems that we think are just that a cold but is Sinusitis. This gives us a better understanding of a way to treat the right condition.

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