Tuberculosis (is still at large)


You may have never heard of TB or tuberculosis unless you were way before the baby boomer era. Livegreaterhealth.com knows years ago it was pretty popular to hear back in my grandparents days but it was a pretty serious disease that was deadly.

Your family may have been affected by it who knows many people back in that day were affected. Before immunizations for certain diseases was popular.

Many people when the disease was being spread through lack of immunization became sick. When diagnosed early enough their immune system kept it from spreading. Thus showing no symptoms In this stage it is inactive and called latent TB.  Remember this as we will be talking about this later.

Like we usually say early diagnoses in most diseases is key to controlling it. In this article, we are going to discover what TB is, what the systems are, what we can do for it, and all the information we can find on it to help understand it better.

So back to the questions we all want to know…

What is Tuberculosis?

What we most usually try to do here at livegreaterhealth is tell you what Wikipedia says about it.

(Wikipedia quoted) ” Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease usually caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB). Tuberculosis generally affects the lungs but can also affect other parts of the body.”

Active Tuberculosis is highly contagious but is treatable.

If you suspect that you might have TB as we may have already stated stay away from other people and get to your doctor as soon as possible.

The Cause

How is Tuberculosis spread? It is spread through the air. But what actually causes us to be infected?

Well, what we know is that it is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis a slow-growing bacteria that grow where there is plenty of blood in the body like the lungs. This is why it mainly affects the lungs but is capable of spreading to other parts of the body.

It is spread or transmitted through the air or by direct contact.

Some ways would be by coughs, sneezing, mucus, touching anywhere germs could be picked up from active TB.

Differences and Stages

As we have already stated a little bit about it above there are different stages of tuberculosis.

Latent TB

One we already spoke of that one called latent TB that shows no symptoms it is inactive and not as severe. It is not contagious about 10% of latent TB turns into active TB. The other one is.

To learn more about the difference read this article from the CDC.

Active TB

Active TB is bacteria that has become active that can make you sick by multiplying. This can be cured with the right medicine and treatment. It is highly contagious and should be treated immediately.

This short video will give you more information on this subject…


As stated Latent TB has no symptoms, but the symptoms we are talking

weight loss

Prevention and Spreading

To prevent TB you should do a few things that will keep you from getting infected by it.

Avoid being in contact with people who have active TB

Have a Healthy Lifestyle eating right and exercising

Get regular blood tests

Know the crowd you are around

To keep from spreading…

Avoid other people stay inside

Wear Masks

Stay in a ventilated room

Make sure you take all of your medications

What should you do if you think you might have TB?

If you think that you might have Tuberculosis get to your doctor immediately try not to be around other people. Wear masks till you find out. After doctor tests and being confirmed that you have it.

Take the medication given by the doctor make sure you take it all, stay inside, drink plenty of water, and get plenty of rest.


This was once a global epidemic with no way to treat it.

Today it’s still here with about one-quarter of the population that is thought to be infected.

With 10% of people who have latent TB will become active TB.

If you think someone has TB stay away!

If you have to be around them make sure to wear a mask and make it as short as possible.

Wash hand thoroughly.

To get regular doctor visits to keep your health intact.


This article from livegreaterhealth.com is to keep you informed on the diseases that affect us today. Tuberculosis is an old disease that still causes problems today. It’s not gone still killing people every year in disease-prone countries even the U.S.

We want people to know that if you need any kind of health information that we can give you then let us know. This website is dedicated to giving health info. That you may not get elsewhere. This is the reason livegreaterhealth is on the web.


This is at the end of another article on livegreaterhealth.com and glad you have read our post. Hoping that it has filled a need that you were looking for. If not please keep looking we may have just what you want on the website. Cannot find what you want then drop us a comment below and let us know what you and we will try to get out.





  1. Interesting post, thanks for the information, this is a frightening disease and one I didn’t know about. I appreciate you bringing this out. Alan

    • Thank you for the comment, Alan. There are many diseases that have been forgotten about that we are going to try to bring back out to the public. Thanks for reading.

  2. Hi Fred,
    It’s amazing to me that this is still an issue in first world countries. Unfortunately, there are still too many people who don’t immunize their children, so the cycle continues.
    I’m glad to see you writing about this, to inform people of the symptoms, and how it’s spread.

    • Thank you for the comment, Suzanne, I know I feel the same when I think how advanced we are and this disease is still killing so many. I have written about the need for immunizations some like it some don’t but the smart thing is that we need them. Yes, these topics should be brought up more to keep them on our minds about how serious they are.

  3. What an eye opener, Fred. This blog has brought out tremendous information on how easily viruses can spread, and we think we are protected, but very open to it. I will visit this site over and over again to take simple instruction on how to live a healthy life, afterall health is the greatest wealth.

    • Thank you for the comment, Lanu, I’m glad that this was an eye-opener and very helpful. I would like this post spread to everybody to get the awareness out. There are many other diseases in this world with the same importance that also need to be brought out. This website is here for that.

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