What is Bone Health?

bone health

We all do or should take vitamins and supplements for our health. To take care of our other organs in the body, the circulatory system, or the immune system but have we ever thought about our bones?

Our Bone Health needs them too.

Yes, our bones are an organ that most of the time will get taken for granted, but our skeletal system is something we just cannot replace.

In my case, I never thought about my bones too much or took care of them. When I was a kid I broke one or two of my bones.

I never thought much about taking care of them or even new that you could do anything to take care of them. I know as we get older they come more important to us because they don’t heal as fast and we can’t get around as good when they are hurt.

We need to know a few things about how to start taking care of our skeletal system.

But first we need to know what bone health is…

What is Bone Health?

We are finally going to learn what our bones are and how important they are to us. Let’s start with Wikipedia and what they say about bone health…

“The human skeletal system is a complex organ in constant equilibrium with the rest of the body. In addition to support and structure of the body, bone is the major reservoir for many minerals and compounds essential for maintaining a healthy pH balance. The deterioration of the body with age renders the elderly particularly susceptible to and affected by poor bone health. Illnesses like osteoporosis, characterized by weakening of the bone’s structural matrix, increases the risk of hip-fractures and other life-changing secondary symptoms.”

By reading this we can see how important it is to keep our bones as healthy as we can. So what should we do next to if we are going to start taking care of our bones? That what we are going to find in this article as we keep reading.

How STRONG are your Bones?

Good question and one most of us are probably wondering about.

How can we find out?

Bone Density is the mineral matter per square centimeter of bones.

There are two ways that can measure our bone density (BMD) and (DEXA)

What are these?

Well, (BMD) is Bone Mineral Density test and (DEXA) is Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry test.

Bone Mineral Density (BMD) measures your bone health by identifying osteoporosis and giving you information on whether you are more susceptible to fractures.

 Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) is the measuring by comparing the material’s absorption of X-rays of two different energies and which is used especially for determining the mineral content of bone.

Learn more about bone health in this short video…


Bone Health Issues

Different things may help cause bone loss but one main one is breastfeeding in women.

Breastfeeding usually for the 6 to 12 months really gives many health benefits for the baby and mother both. Bone occurs in breastfeeding because women produce less estrogen. Estrogen is the hormone that protects the bones. Not to worry because within 6 months bone loss is usually recovered.

Chronic periodontitis and the loss of teeth is a common form of bone loss.

Aging goes along with bone loss because as we age our bones lose calcium and minerals that makes us at higher risk for osteoporosis.

Health disorders any type of these can help to lead to bone loss. It can keep you refined to a bed or keep you from getting out and exercising.

Lifestyle is a common way leading to bone loss because of our diet.

Bone Loss Prevention

There are many different things that we can do to prevent bone loss and mainly involves our lifestyle.

Diet-What we put in our body as far as dieting goes. The foods we eat have the right minerals and vitamins on a consistent basis.

Eating high calcium and plenty of vitamin D

Exercising our body and keeping it healthy.

Stop smoking has many bad side effects.

Reduce alcohol intake

Medications some of these will cause bone loss.

Please do not take your bone health for granted now because later in life the older we get the more we will need it,

Supplements for Bone Health


Vitamin D

Vitamin C



Take or eat foods high in these.

Omega-3 fatty acids promote new bone and prevent bone loss.

Protein is very important to bone health because the bone is made up of about half of it and this protein is called Collagen.

If they are highlighted, then you need them.

You can find these supplements in our store on this website.

Why this Article?

Livegreaterhealth knows that our bones are something that is as important as anything our body is made up with. Our skeletal system is what makes us is something that has to be something we can’t do without. This is the reason we chose this as the article that people should know about and should pay more attention to.

It’s all about our health and well-being giving healthy information encouraging people to follow along and cherish live. Livegreaterhealth.com is the website for people who want longevity for the long haul and also helping others help each other.


As we end this article again hoping everyone has a great and healthy life our top concern is for people to be happy and cheerful daily. The articles we write are to benefit you or whoever reads them and can be used to live by. We hope this post is some good encouragement for everyone to start nourishing their bones. The thing that makes us what we are a living human being.

If this article is one that interests you in wanting to start strengthening your bones we suggest that you start right away. If we have helped you in any way or just want to know something more or leaves us a comment below and tell us what you think. Thanks for reading.






  1. Hi Fred, and thanks for another great article.

    I get a bone density test every two years. It’s important to do when you get older. I avoided dairy for much of my life due to kidney stones. 30 years ago they told me they were formed from calcium intake.

    Now they say completely different, lol. Unfortunately, my density isn’t as good as my doctor would like it, and am taking calcium supplements and Vitamin D. The only difference is to take Calcium Citrate.


    • Thanks, Suzanne for the comment. This is something interesting that I don’t think a lot of people ever think about until they have a problem. I just wanted to get the word about how serious it really is. I hope your bones get stronger by taking supplements and the tests result prove it for you.

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