What Should I Wear to Workout and keep Motivated?

Does it make a difference what you wear when you workout? Well, that’s a good question does it really matter when it comes to working out what you got on?Let’s think of it like this when you play basketball or football do you think it matters what uniform you wear? Yes, anything we do for our health is worth it.

Here is an article about some studies that have been done on the clothes we wear when working out. Click here to learn more on our cognitive thinking. Don’t get caught in a situation where your clothes can affect your workout or maybe a competition your in.

Clothes that pull or tug at the seams that might be against your skin make you uncomfortable. They hinder your performance and can affect your outcome. Whether you’re in a race just doing your everyday workout or whatever you might be doing. Clothes can make a difference good or bad.

Here are some of the Benefits of the Right Clothing

What’s the first thing you think of when using the right clothing in your everyday workouts?

Comfort– being comfortable may be the most important one of the benefits. Wearing anything that is painful or doesn’t allow the freedom to move the way you want is a problem and should be avoided.

Fabric – Be smart about the fabric you choose. If you are going to be sweating a lot or getting wet then you need fabrics that dry quickly. Just doing your everyday workouts then cotton will be fine.

Visibility – Safety first if you jog and get out before daylight or at dusk then you need to wear clothing that is visible and can be seen easily. Bright and reflective clothing would best in those situations. It could save your life.

Protection – whether you are in the cold or in the heat the right clothing is essential. Dress in layers when it is cold and light, breathable fabric when it is hot. The elements can affect your workout.

Not to be too technical about it but if you wear the same clothes in your training as the ones you use for competition than your outcome will be more of what you should expect.

As I would say you will be well prepared.

The point to this post is that there are the right ways to do things and there are wrong ways. Doing the things and wearing the things that we are supposed to for the right purpose, makes us perform and work better.

Working out may not be what everyone wants to do but if you are going to then you want to get the maximum benefit out of it.

All and all when it comes down to it wearing the right clothing when exercising no matter what type will make you more motivated to do the task.


A big word literally when being active on a daily routine trying to stay healthy and keep the body strong with exercising and good nutrition.

This post is essentially giving you the inspiration to be active and feel better every day while you are and we believe wearing the right clothing will put you in that position.

It just might be worth the money to go out and buy the right gear to wear if it gives you the motivation you need to continue.

 Reason for this Post

Many ask the question “should I get the right clothing to wear if I start an exercise routine?” Our answer to that is if you are serious about it then yes you should. This day and time with the hustle and bustle the world is in with less and less time to exercise.

Focusing on our health needs, we need to put our health number one on our schedule. Reading articles like this will keep it on our minds start your exercise routine today.


This is our short but necessary post of the day. Livegreaterhealth is all about your health and what we can do to make it better. As we give you this information and hoping that it has helped inspire you to stay healthy by being more active each and every day. If this seems like something that has helped you then leave us a comment below and tell us what you think about it.

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