Who Needs Vitamin C Intake?

vitamin c deficiency

Have you ever taken any supplements for your health? Well, if you have, you probably took vitamin C. Why? because vitamin C intake is a very common one for health reason that we are going to discuss here at livegreaterhealth.com.

One thing that I would like to stress here is I’ve taken vitamin C most of my life to help keep me from getting sick with colds and minor ailments. It has always done its job in keeping me healthy to this day.

I have heard it said that vitamin C won’t keep you from getting a cold it just shortens a cold when you get one. I’m here to tell you that a stronger immune system will keep you from catching a cold than a weaker one.

I was a construction worker most my life which means working outside in all types of weather.

Summer and winter it didn’t matter rain or snow I was there and I will tell you now if not for taking care of myself I would have never made it.

Now you may ask how can vitamin C benefit health? Well, this is what we are going to learn about in this article.

What is Vitamin C and its Benefits?

Vitamin C has another name it is sometimes called ascorbic acid or L-ascorbic acid and is a vitamin that is water-soluble.

It has antioxidant properties which help with other antioxidants. Vitamin C is a nutrient that our body needs.

Vitamin C is important for helping our body build blood vessels, bone collagen, muscles and cartilage.

It helps and protects our body in immune deficiencies and in fighting free radicals.

It helps our skin health and eyes disease and also helps against cardiovascular disease.

VitaminC has been known to helps our bodies in overall health and help against many diseases.

So why wouldn’t we want to take it? We all know that if we take care of our health than we are usually going to live longer live.

Health is one of the most valuable assess we can have no matter who you ask everyone wants to feel good and be healthy.

What are some uses?

There is a disease called scurvy(poor wound healing) that is caused by the deficiency of vitamin C. Scurvy can be treated with vitamin C or foods that contain vitamin C.

Studies have been done with vitamin C and found that it does not prevent colds or the severity of them but it does shorten them.

Vitamin C does help regulate the immune system in the long run with consistent intake and over a period of time. Like with any vitamin we take our body loves the extra care we give it and rewards us with good health.

With all that being said it is worth taking and is good for us because many of the sources come from fruits and vegetables.

Some sources are lemons, oranges, kiwi, potatoes, limes, tomatoes, cantaloupes, peppers(red and green) and other things we eat on a regular basis.

Supplements are produced in factories with vitamin C sources for us to take in pill form or chewable. It also is made in a powder form to mix with water.

There are many ways to get vitamin C in our diet I think the more the better.

Skin products are also made with vitamin C for nourishing and tightening the skin.

Vitamin C Therapy

What is vitamin C therapy?

High dosages of vitamin C have been used on cancer patients and other diseases and been found to have the effects of the disease reduced.

These dosages can be given intravenously and assist your body in healing.

For more info on high dose vitamin C check out cancer.gov.

Vitamin C Side Effects

Are they vitamin C side effects that we have to worry about?

Side effects that are serious from vitamin C intake are very rare and usually from people that have other health conditions.

Some not so serious side effects would be a headache, tiredness or fatigue heartburn some digestive problems but these things would not usually be common for the majority of people.

What we need to factor in is that these effects are from taking vitamin C in supplement form and not from the foods we eat.

Here’s a video on vitamin C beneifits…

Recommended Daily Allowance

How much should we take?

This all depends on the recommended daily allowance, for women 75 milligrams a day and 90 milligrams a day for men.

You should see your doctor first before taking any supplement or vitamin if you have any health conditions that might be affected by Vitamin C intake.

Most people should be OK but there are exceptions in everything are body needs. So please see your health-care provider before taking any supplement or vitamin.

Where can I buy Vitamin C?

Here is a few different types you can choose from to purchase just click on the one that you prefer.

These are some links with great prices.

Chewable Vitamin C

Vitamin C tablets

Powder form Vitamin C

Vitamin C serum

Article Reason

Livegreaterhealth.com has come up with these article with our bodies in mind. Like all our articles on health we want to see every ones health to be in optimal conditions all the time. We want to see the right things put in so you can get the right stuff out and the right stuff is great health.

So keep on reading our articles to see what you need to put in your body in the form of supplement or vitamin or through exercise.


I want to thank everyone who has read this post and invite you to visit all our articles at livegreaterhealth. We think health is the most important assess that we have in this life and think we should do all we can to take care of it to the best of our ability. If you think the same as we do then leave us a comment below and let us know we would appreciate it and will get right back to you as fast as possible.

We wish everybody great health. Just one more thing we would like to ask before you go. Do you feel the same way as we do about your health?



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Fred Rexroat


  1. Hello Fred.
    Like you, I have been taking Vitamin C since I don’t know when. All I know was as a kid, I took them like candy. My father always reminded me to take the supplement and NOT overdo it.
    As an adult, whenever I start sneezing, Vitamin C soluble is the first thing I grab. It helps.
    Vitamin C is the most common but I am sure there are still people not aware of all its benefits.
    Thanks for the article.

    • Thank you, Sharon, for the comment. Same here I made it a habit of taking vitamin C at one point now I get lazy and don’t take it like I should. I’m going to get back to taking it regularly to keep my health. As I said in the post with a good immune system it might just prevent me from getting a cold. I hope this article brings more awareness of this vitamin and it’s benefits.

  2. Hi Fred,
    Great article. I’ve always heard how vitamin C is good for you but never heard of the specific reasons. I especially like that it could help with cardiovascular disease. I’m going to make sure my husband takes enough, lol
    You listed kidney stones as a possible side effect? That’s too bad. I’m loaded up as it is. Darn!

    • Thank you, Suzanne, for the comment. Vitamin C is an amazing supplement I just couldn’t say enough about it. Except we need to make sure we get enough of it. The side effects usually are not common but that’s why you should ask your doctor before use. Anything took in moderation is better for us.

  3. Hi! Great article on vitamin C. I agree with you. It is an essential vitamin for us, as our body cannot synthesize vitamin C on our own, so we have to rely on the foods we eat or supplements.
    Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to reading your other articles.

    • Thank you for the comment, Kai. Our body doesn’t produce it but we need it. So we eat to supply it with other foods for many nutrients our body needs daily.

  4. Hi Fred, thank you for outlining the benefits of VitC intake. I’ve also read the most important studies conducted. You are correct, that ascorbic acid can shorten the duration of a cold, but only if you have already taken it for a couple of months. So it’s no first aid medication as falsely believed.

    • thank you, Felix, for the comment as with everything taken the things at the right time makes a difference. Anytime you put it in your body is going to help at some point. This is where people look for miracle pills that just isn’t there.

  5. Super informative article on Vitamin C. Thanks for pointing out some of the side effects. My aunt would get horrible heartburn when she took it but those side effects went away when she switch away from tablet form. Maybe to acidic for her? Anyway, keep up the great healthy articles!

    • Thanks for the comment, Tim. Yes, heartburn could be a side effect from taking vitamin C, I didn’t know that switching the way you got it would make a difference that’s new to me. I will keep bringing these health topics to you thanks.

  6. This is some vital information for anyone looking to take their health in a better direction. love the content, very readable.

    • Thanks, Micheal, for the comment we may not all need to take our health in another direction but we all need to keep it in great health. Taking vitamin C will help in doing that. Please come back anytime and read our posts.

  7. Vitamin C is definitely an important nutrient. I just didn’t realize how important it is! The only time I take a vitamin C supplement is when I am sick or feeling tired. Now I see that I really do need to get in the habit of taking a daily supplement. What are the signs that we have a vitamin c deficiency?

    • Thanks for the comment, Leahrae, vitamin C affects the immune system in a good way. When our body has plenty of it it makes our body run smoother. We are not as easy to get sick when our immune system is strong. That is good that you take vitamin C when you are sick but talking it regularly might keep you from being sick at all. People who are deficient in vitamin C are usually sick with something.

  8. Great post!
    I am a bad one for forgetting to take my vitamin C. I know that I need more of it in my diet, so I bought myself some yummy flavored chewables.

    My Naturopath told me that I can take up to 6000 mg a day, so I did and it seemed to make all of my other supplements work better! What are your thoughts on that?

    • Thanks for the comment, Irma, you are not by yourself in forgetting to take your vitamins I do the same thing at times. Anyway, you can get the supplement will be just fine as long as it good with you. Taking a higher dosage is fine and helpful if your health-care provider OK’s it. I think that it is better for our health the more we can get the better.

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