Yellow Fever (Should We Fear?)

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Yellow Fever have you heard of this? I have but not recently. What is yellow fever and where does it originate from? Are you immune to this? What we have learned about this disease yes disease is some history about where it originated from and that is East or Central Africa and then to West Africa.

So the question still remains should we fear getting this? The answer not unless we have been out of the country or been around someone else who has.

Another question is it a deadly Disease? Yes it can be fatal if not treated for it.

Livegreaterhealth is going to elaborate more on this subject of Yellow fever and all we need to know about it for information about other mosquito born diseases like West Nile click on the link.

Some history about Yellow fever will help learn many things that we should know that will help us.

Lets start off with what Yellow fever is…

What is Yellow Fever?

Yellow fever is a viral disease caused by Yellow fever virus that is transmitted by female mosquitoes and belongs to the flavivirus group. We know that it is spread by Aedes and Haemogogus mosquitoes.

The the yellow in the name comes from the jaundice that some people get with Yellow fever their skin will yellow and you may look like the picture.

The outbreak in america was in the late 1690’s and 1790’s in Philadelphia that was caused by the people that came from the Caribbean epidemic. The refugees fled from there and ended up in Philadelphia starting the outbreak which took at least 5000 lives.


Yellow fever can be severe and it can be mild these are the symptoms of them both…

For the severe case the symptoms can look like this and it is to be known that it can be deadly…

  • Jaundice is the yellowing of the skin
  • High fever
  • some will go into Shock
  • bleeding can start
  • Organs will fail

The less severe and most common…

  • Back pain
  • Vomiting
  • Nuasea
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of strength
  • Body aches 
  • Head aches
  • Fever 
  • Chills

All these symptoms could be common in both cases

Most people never get these symptoms but for the ones that do this is what you can expect.


There are different ways to diagnose people that may have Yellow fever some of the ways may be to discuss with your doctor you’re travel experience out of the country and where that might have been.

Most people if that get diagnosed with it usually have been out of the country where yellow fever may have had the chance to get contracted by contagious mosquitoes.

You can catch this from people who already have the disease that have been in other country and got bitten by these mosquitoes.

Whatever the case you want to be cautious in these situations and get an examination as soon as possible.

  1. Discuss with your doctor
  2. Check to make sure you dont have any mosquito bites
  3. If you have flu-like symptoms you should suspect yellow fever
  4. Make sure you dont travel other places with yellow fever and if you have discuss with your doctor


What are treatments if you are diagnosed with Yellow fever?

Normal treatments used in other dieases will not work on Yellow fever for there is no antiviral for flavivirus.

So what do you do? If your case is severe enough than you are hospitlized and usually the normal things are done like adminstering fluids, keeping check on vital signs and keeping them under conrol.


There are things that we can do to help prevent us from contracting Yellow fever.

Starting off there is a vaccine for Yellow fever and should be taken first if you have concerns.

A single dose should take care for the a life-long protection.

Next The first thing I would think about is to avoid mosquito bite since this is the main cause of Yellow fever.

Wear long sleeves to cover exposed skin, use mosquito repellent and stay away from places mosquitoes may grow, damp or wet places.

Pay attention to the time of day watch to not be out in late hours of the day when mosquitoes are stirring the most.

Note: the vaccine should be used only if you plan on traveling in yellow fever prone places or by scientist that work on the study of the virus.

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