Your Health (what’s next?)

be in good health

Considering the way your health is what do you think should be your next move to get where you need to be?

Would you like a little help? Could you use a little help? Most people need a little help or a lot. Whether we think we do or not.

Most of us could use some motivation to even make the decision to start much less to do it daily. Then what do we use to keep us going?

Have you ever thought “how is this going to happen?” Come on we all know that being healthy is kinda like a business we don’t think of it that way but it’s true.

Yes, very similar you have to be motivated to start, you have to stay consistent, and the main thing is you just cannot stop. To get to that optimal health that YOU are looking for it’s right inside you as it reads in the fine print in the picture above.


Anything that we do we should do it right and be focused to get the maximum benefit.

There are a few things today that make living and being healthy better for us, if perfected to its max.

The many diseases and sicknesses that are in our world this day and time that could be prevented with the right care and advanced knowledge is astounding.

The data available today can let us use biological data to modernize our universe in health-care capabilities. One of them being studied and used today is…


What is this? Have you ever heard of it? I’m going to tell you what we know about it.

As we, usually like to do is to give a quote on what Wikipedia and what it says about…

“Immunotherapy is the treatment of disease by activating or suppressing the immune system. Immunotherapies designed to elicit or amplify an immune response are classified as activation immunotherapies, while immunotherapies that reduce or suppress are classified as suppression immunotherapies.”

Now you may have heard of this but it’s amazing for our healthy living.

Healing our body with our body. Sounds like something that should always have been done.

Well while we are on the subject of the newer things about health and healing we all know that CPR can save lives but did you know dogs can? Let’s talk about…

Service Dogs

or could be called assistance dogs in a legal term

Ever heard of them? Let’s talk service dogs. What are they?

For years we’ve been acquainted with dogs and they have become many of our best companions.

They have been used for tracking and hunting for many years. We know their senses are so much greater than ours especially their sense of smell. So we use them.

Service dogs for years have been used for physical, hearing and visually disabled people and now for many other people from diabetes all the way to neurological disorders.

How do they do that? By assisting them with other hands or eyes.

Dogs can be trained to do almost anything. Did you know that a service dog can be trained to detect diseases before you get sick?

Dogs have been known and used to sniff out low blood sugar. They have also been known to sniff out cancer.

Yes they are being used today in some cases and will be used more as they get more knowledge on it.

The bottom line is dogs can be used to detect health problems.

What would be your move if you suspected life-threatening sickness?

Your main thought would be “GETTING HEALED” and when are the healings going to start.

How does the HEALING start?

Prayer our healing starts with praying for healing.

Support from family and friends we all have to have support from other people to get us through the troubling times.

Positivity we need and have to be positive on any health condition that we have for them to be the most effective.

Decisions making the right decisions on what the best way of treatment or medicines or surgery we may have to make. Remember you don’t have to do this alone you have family, friends, or doctors all there to help you with the right decisions.

There are many natural medicines that are on this earth for our good herbs is one of them and can heal our bodies in whatever sickness we have.

Conventional medicines have to be used sometimes if not more often than any other. It all boils down to what we trust and believe in or what the situation is.

Then what do we use to keep us going?

Just be Healthy

All in all, we just want to be healthy by doing healthy things. Staying in shape with exercise and the right diet can make all the difference even in being healed of any sickness that’s right.

Just a healthy lifestyle can make all the difference as well.

Isn’t Health a marvelous thing?

There is always a Reason

Livegreaterhealth.com is all about health and healing and seeing people well at all times if possible. Since all we can do is give out the right information to see if will help someone somewhere. Doing the right thing can save theirs or someone’s life.

Many people fall into some sort of sickness due to lifestyle habits or inheriting whatever the cause we want you to be able to help these people no matter what the cause. Saving yours or someone else s life can be very rewarding.


Here at livegreaterhealth we want to thank all our readers for taking advantage of our website. We hope that this post made some helpful sense to you and can be taken advantage of more assistance or help with something you want to know about. Leave us a comment below and let us know and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  1. This post on your health is not toooooooooooooo dissimilar to one of my posts. Yet the writing style is very different We obviously want the best information to go to the readers. Great job on an easy to understand and well laid out article. GJ

    • Thanks for the comment, Simon, I’ve not read your post but I will now that you have brought it to my attention. The information on this article is about some of the info that I have talked about in some detail on my other articles. I just wanted to elaborate on it a little more. Hope that you can get some help through reading it the main reason for my posts.

  2. Hi Fred,

    Very interesting article, I’m a big advocate of natural medicine. I specialise in helping people increase testosterone production & I’ve always found natural remedies to be the best.

    • Thanks for the comment, Nate, organic or natural is the best for keeping our bodies healthier. It doesn’t matter what the case is healing naturally is best for our body even when it comes to testosterone something that our bodies need also.

  3. Hi Fred and thanks for your post.

    I believe that as we get older, it’s even more important to take care of our bodies through diet and exercise. And when we do get sick, prayer is my #1 remedy, then allowing the doctors to help if needed. I usually try natural remedies first though.

    I’ve been hearing a lot about CBD oil. I think the next time I get sick, I’ll give that natural food a try, lol. Can’t hurt, right?


    • Thanks for the comment, Suzanne what I said in the article I believe wholeheartedly. There are many things you can do that is naturally some of them might not be as good for you as you think watch what you try and pray about it first. Don’t get fooled by the new things that are not proven.

  4. Hello Fred,
    This is a very informative post on how we can all become physically and mentally healthier. I have done some writing and research in the pain management field, and as a result I understand the positive role of therapy dogs in helping people heal. So, I was particularly interested in what you have to say about service dogs being able to sniff out low blood sugar. I had no idea. My mother, a former registered nurse, told stories of how sometimes a particular cat that seemed to sense when a sick person was about to die. She would somehow sneak into that person’s room and keep them company until the moment of death. My mom found it both fascinating. There’s still so much we need to understand about the human and animal connection, especially in the area of health. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for the comment, Thabo, I appreciate you taking the time to read this post and getting some real interest in it. I’ve always was interested in how animals could sense and detect the way the human body functions when it has an ailment. I believe dogs purpose on this earth is to do just that help the human race in health and healing. We as human beings need to put more studies on mans best friend we just might be surprised by what we find out.

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