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What do you no about Dementia and the brain? Most people know very little, that’s why we’re here. What are some of the questions, that you would like to ask about it? How does it start? What causes it? How do we treat it? Can it be cured? Can it be reversed? There are many questions a person would ask if they had to deal with the effects of dementia with a family member. Consequently, I haven’t had to go through it, but maybe with distant relatives, that’s all. I know some people that are going through it. It is really a terrible and sad situation. Here, at livegreaterhealth.com/dementia, we are going to try to answer a few of the questions, about it. Dementia gets worse over time, so they are working hard for a cure.

What is Dementia

Dementia is a wide range of brain diseases, that affect the ability to think and remember, the way, that we should. It is dementiaa long-term illness, that gets worse over time. It can affect, the way, we do things, including emotional and motivational problems, along with our language. There are different types of dementia, that we are going to study, and talk about since we know what dementia is. At the bottom of this post, is a Dementia screening video, feel free to watch.

Dementia (the cause)

Here is what we know about the causes…….

Dementia is damaged nerve cells in the brain and depending on the area of the brain, it may affect people differently. There are different types that are grouped to what they have in common. Some dementia is caused by side effects of medications or lack of certain vitamins. These types might be reversed, or improved by, different treatments.Dementia-Umbrella

All in all, anything, that can cause, damage to nerve and brain cells, is a type.

I could go on about the causes, but basically, it is brain ailment that usually doesn’t improve. It causes, your life to change, by having to have help, doing some daily activities.


Dementia Types

This is from the most common to the least common…..

  1. Alzheimer’s disease – If you have ever heard anything about it, you know that it is the loss of memory and the perceptive ability to do normal things. Alzheimer s is an irreversible disease that gets worse over time, due to brain cells, being damaged and destroyed. It affects our reasoning skills and our ability to think properly. Alzheimer s is the most common type of dementia, leading to, about 65 to 75 percent of all dementia patients and some suggest that it might even be higher.
  2. Vascular dementia – This is a little bit different from the other types of dementia, While maybe it’s not, in avascular way, because it starts in the brain area, where we store and retrieve information. Usually, can happens after a stroke, that blocks the blood vessels from carrying oxygen and certain nutrients to parts of the brain. Some symptoms are similar to Alzheimer, in that it affects thinking and cognitive ability, by cutting the blood flow to certain parts of the brain. Vascular dementia, is the second most common type of dementia, following Alzheimer’s.


  1. Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) – Affects the nervous system by protein build-up in the brain. People whowhat-is-lewy-body-dementia have Lewy body, experience difficulty in alertness, and a hard time keeping focused. Many will experience seeing things or hallucinations. With Lewy body, you may have symptoms of Parkinson’s disease that causes movement disorders.



  1. Mixed dementia – Is more than one type mixed together with different symptoms. Studies have been done, mixed dementiapeople’s brains, having more than one type of dementia. It has been shown people having Alzheimer and vascular dementia together and also Lewy body.




  1. Parkinson’s disease – a degenerative disease of the nervous system, that mostly effects, the motor skills of a person. Causing shaking or jerking of the body, making it difficult to walk, stand, or do daily activities. Dementia plays a role by causing memory and thought processing, but mostly later in the stage of Parkinson disease.


Dementia symptoms

Now, that we know what it is, and some of the causes, let’s talk about, some of the symptoms, which will vary depending on the type that you have. Most have the symptoms………….


  • Memory loss – starting forgetting, not being able to remember, a certain task that you do every day and continues to decline
  • Confusion – simple things, that start become confusing, not knowing your where you are
  • Difficulty communicating – making it hard to carry on a conversation or thinking what to say
  • Anxiousness – thinking that you have dementia when you have no signs of it, being agitated with anxiousness
  • Paranoia – may lose the sense of reality, delusional, suspicious of others, agitated, or with physical aggression
  • Short attention span – having difficulty concentrating for a certain amount of time
  • Depression – a feeling of worthlessness, being sad, down on everything, and feeling of uselessness.

Dementia Treatments

  1. Fetal Stem Cell – administered under the skin, as it then travels thru the body, looking for damaged cells, and tissues, attempting to repair them. As a result, contacting normal cells and boosting them. Helping them perform better.
  2. Medication – using medications to control the symptoms, whatever they might be.
  3. Psychotherapy – using a behavioral approach, by trying to identify what is causing the problems, and then try to change the way that it starts. Whether decreasing the activities or breaking it down in into steps that make it easier for them.
  4. Environment – Changing the environment of a patient might help, by easing the aggression to a particular subject.

Natural Things (to do)

To Do – exercise to keep the body healthy

Take supplements and Vitamins                                                            puritan.com/vitamins

  • Vitamin A, B, C, D, E                                   arrow3

    Dementia 2


  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Ginkgo biloba

Do these………..

  • Low-fat diet
  • reduce caffeine
  • reduce stress
  • avoid alcohol

In addition to all these vitamins given our bodies support, most of all will help boost our immune system. If we are serious about our health, we are going to do, what we can now, to help ourselves in the future. There are many places where you can purchase supplements, I put a link up above for one of the brands I think has higher quality products, with the best prices.

 Dementia screening video



Dementia covers many types of diseases, we didn’t cover all of them, just the most common ones.

Getting this information out to all people, this is our goal, here at livegreaterhealth.com, also, the more we know and understand about this disease the more, we will be able to prevent it, and also care for it. The sooner it is known about, the better chances of prevention and survival.

These health topics are designed to inform and help the people that may have a sickness or disease. We want you to tell us what you need or want to know about by leaving us a comment below.


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  1. You tackled a big topic very well! I’ve worked in the field of Alzheimer’s disease for 20 years – everything from adult day care to clinical drug trials. It is good to know that we are starting to understand that the brain is not separate from the rest of the body. Thank you for the excellent information.

    • You are very welcome and thanks for the comment. If everybody knew this information, what a difference it would make.

    • Thanks for your comment, that’s why I put this article out, to make people more aware of this disease. We need to spread this information around.

  2. Dementia is more common than we probably think about.
    My grandma was 90 years old this July. 3 years ago, when she was at the doctor because she fell, the doctor said that her brain shows early signs of dementia and that we should be prepared.
    I have to say that we were a bit afraid of what’s coming, but to this day nothing really changed. Grandma still takes care of herself, watches crime series and solves crime before the episode is over ? she loves crossword and Sudoku puzzles, and reads and comments politics, etc. She is taking some supplements (I think B complex and D) and she rarely drinks alcohol because it makes her skin itch.
    Great article to read, we (especially younger generation) don’t know enough about dementia, so this article was very insightful!

    • Thank you for your comment. You see how just exercising your mind and staying active can almost stop dementia, as with your grandma. There is hope

  3. Very informative article Fred. Its great to know more about dementia as it has such a high strike rate and carries on both sides om family.
    I will use your tips to hopefully combat the disease.

    • Thank you, for your comment this disease hurts so many people, I’m sad to say, we’ve got to find a cure fast. Only methods we got now is to treat and reverse some types.

  4. Hi,
    tough topic, I feel that disease is increasing recently just from what I hear from people I know. I hope I am wrong, though!
    Very informative, thanks for your effort!

    • Thanks for the comment, the more I study it, the more I see how that it is all around us. The more we talk about it, the more that this information will be spread.

  5. I learnt something today. I thought dimentia and elzimers were different diseases of the brain. Now your article explained that elzimers is a sub type of dimentia. Hope I don’t get any of these you mentioned. I knew a person suffering who only talked about things that happened in his 20’s. He was in his 70’s. His poor wife had quite a task looking after him. He would wander off and get lost. He had forgotten what he was doing or where he was going between the back door and the garage. Cruel disease for patient, family and carers.
    Great article.

    • Thanks for your comment, this is a terrible disease and happening more often everyday, we must do what we can to stop or prevent it.

    • Thank you for your comment, I hope this posts helps out many people, just got to be able to get this website out to the viewers.

  6. Hello Fred,
    Dementia is a very frightening disease. More and more people suffer from dementia. We get older and older and with a higher age, it’s a greater risk of developing this disease.
    It’s so good to hear that there are measures to take in order to prevent these sort of diseases or at least to delay the onset of this serious disease.
    I found your article very interesting. Thank you for pointing out what we can do to help ourselves so we can stay healthy and prevent chronical diseases like dementia.
    Kind regards,

    • Thanks for the comment Pernilla, as I do this blogging work I see more and more how people are needing help. I’m just trying to figure at a better way to help them in the information I write. Like all of us bloggers we need that extra edge that will set us apart and If we all work and stick together I think we will find it.

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