We’ve all heard of diabetes and many of us have it. Diabetes can hit anyone from any walk of life. Have you ever wondered what it was, or how it affects our bodies? Did you ever think about diabetic weight loss?

Maybe, wondered if they have found a ‘new diabetes cure’ or how to cure it naturally? Then you may have thought, why haven’t they found a permanent cure for diabetes?

Whatever the case, we don’t like it, and if a family member has got it, we want them to get rid of it. We will do whatever we can to find a cure for it and help our family member that has got it.

Diabetes can be a killer if left unattended. livegreaterhealth.com/diabetes is going to help out by giving you some more information on this disease.

So, what is diabetes and is there a ‘diabetes drug treatment’? How can we stop it? What are we going to do about it?

Worldwide it affects more than 400 million people.

It kills more people than AIDS and Breast Cancer put together. That’s something we should keep in our minds when it comes to diabetes.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that many people get, when their blood sugar, or blood glucose in their body, gets too high. Blood sugar or medically termed blood glucose is what gives your body most of its energy and comes from the food we eat.

Blood glucose works together with insulin, which is a hormone made by the pancreas. They work together, to get it to the cells of our body, to give us energy.

The problem with this, when you get diabetes, the pancreas doesn’t make enough of insulin. Without the insulin, the glucose can’t get to the cells and that’s where diabetes comes in.


Diabetes Types

There are two main types of diabetes and they are 1 & 2 type

Type 1 – this is where the pancreas doesn’t produce any insulin. Insulin is a hormone that controls the amount of blood glucose in the blood.

Type 2 – this is where the body doesn’t produce enough insulin for the body to work right or the body does not respond to it. This will cause serious health issues and will have to be treated.

type 1 diabetes

Causes of Type 1 & 2

Well, let see, there is no cure for diabetes. What we do know about it is that it’s an auto-immune disease, where the effects of it, cause the body to attack itself. Researchers believe that the main cause of diabetes is genetically related disease.

Juvenile diabetes (type 1) – when the pancreas loses its ability to make the hormone insulin. 13,000 children a year get diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, not including adults, but usually younger people get type 1.

Type 1 is not nearly as common as type 2 diabetes only 8 to 10{0580942254a8404b9cbb1b1bb95a6f06e3c05404a4a3e100977df26e356e3e53} diabetes is type 1.

Adult diabetes (type 2) – when the pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin for the body or it is altogether insulin resistant.

Overweight people have a greater chance of getting diabetes.

Risk Factors

  • being obese or overweight – controlling your weight is a plus with diabetes. Diabetic weight loss is a big deal in combating it.
  • Family history – if a family member or a sibling has it then your chances are greater of having it
  • Geography – the part of the country you live in plays a role in your chances of getting diabetes
  • Dietary – keep intake of vitamin C an D.
  • Environmental – stay away from areas of high viral sicknesses.
  • High blood pressure – keep blood pressure at normal levels.
  • Smoking – makes the chance of getting greater.
  • High cholesterol – can cause heart disease and strokes and add to getting it.
  • lack of activity – staying in shape and healthy with daily exercise will keep chances of getting it.

diabetes risk factors


  • Hunger – due to the body using its resources trying to make up the insulin. This helps in making the body tired. Your body needing energy gets hungry.
  • Fatigue – when glucose levels are too high or low the blood gets thicker causing poor circulation not letting your body get the right nutrients.
  • Urinating more often – diabetes causes your body to become dehydrated
  • Vision problems – when glucose levels get too high it damages the blood vessels in the eyes and keeps the fluids out. diabetics can go blind if not treated.
  • numbness – causes poor circulation that causes the numbness and tingling.
  • Easy bruising – due to the glucose levels being too high makes the body easier to bruise.
  • Slow healing – slow healing could be the immune system weakened due to the high glucose levels that slow the rate of healing.                                                                                                                                                                                     diabetes symptoms



There are several different treatments that can be used to treat it.

  • Controlling blood sugar – keeping track of your blood sugar level
  • Medication – taking whatever medication your doctor requires
  • exercise – will help the use of your bodies insulin and lower blood sugar.
  • Insulin – taking shots or getting insulin into your body
  • Diet – getting the right amount of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in your diet will keep your blood sugar where it should be.
  • This is all lifestyle changes that will have to be made with this disease.

diabetes treatment

Reasons for this Article

The simple reason this article was written, is like all that are written at livegreaterhealth.com and that is for the people. We try to do what we can for the benefit of the people, giving our best information.

This helps with kinds, causes, symptoms, and treatment of all diseases. If not on this site, just wait, it’s coming. We take suggestions and request from everybody, whoever is willing to give their input.


Here at livegreaterhealth.com/diabetes we’ve brought another health article to the table of health issues that are in the world today. We want to thank everybody for there support and all their help with this website. If anything changes or we find something that can be added to this article, then we will, as soon as it comes available for us.

Until next time, just know that You shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you the power to get wealth

These health topics are designed to inform and help the people that may have or know someone that may have the sickness or disease. We want you to tell us, what you need, or want to know about, by leaving us a comment








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  1. Good post. I have Type 2 Diabetes so I know the risks, symptoms, treatments, etc, very well.
    Did you know sleep apnea can also cause diabetes, since your body is not getting the correct sleep and can’t properly regulate itself.

    • Thank you for the comment Curtis, no I did not know that, first I have heard of that thanks for the info. on it. If you like the site and want to know more about a particular subject. Please leave me a message below and I will get back with you.

  2. Oh my gosh, I actually have no words for your site. This is how I would love mine to look, perhaps you could give me a hand (hint hint 😉 ) Layout is amazing, i’m having problems with menus and what not and layouts at the mo but hope to get it all organized nicely. Brilliant brilliant brilliant and so so full of information

    • Thank you for the comment Kerry, I actually have been putting a lot of hard work in on this site. Got a lot of adjustments yet to do, to get more traffic. I appreciate you reading. If you like this site and want to know about a topic or another one. Leave me a message below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

  3. Diabetes just seems to be becoming more common these days.

    I guess its to do with our lack of good diet and exercise. Thanks for your great tips. As I’m currently expecting I know I am in the risk category for developing diabetes and will definitely be taking your tips on to prevent the onset of this dreaded disease

    • Thanks for the comment, you are right and also the lack nutrients and vitamins in the food we buy these days.

  4. Hi there!
    I am a bit worried now since I was always someone who gets bruise quite easy.. so what exactly are we taking about here? Do they show up for no reason at all or simply caused by the slightest impacts?

    Thanks for your help

    • Thanks for the comment Manny, I wouldn’t worry about that to much. some people bruise easy. If you usually stay healthy and not sick all time, most likely it’s alright. If you think you might have a problem go get it checked out, to be on the safe side.

  5. It is scary how prevalent type 2 diabetes is these days. I truly believe our modern diets of heavily processed foods, low-fat foods with increased sugar in them. I am working towards eating a majority real food diet and cutting back on processed foods to reduce my risk!

    • Thanks For the comment, Yeah, your right it’s scary how we are killing ourselves with the food we eat in this country. It may not bother us to much now, but down the road or later in life is when we feel the affects. Now is the time to be healthy and watch what we eat. I appreciate you reading this article anything I can help you with on health, just leave a message below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

  6. My mother’s sister has the 2nd type of diabetes and she used to have injection each day. Now she has to take medicine each day – still not pleasant but more pleasant than taking injections each day. So I was always wondering what causes this disease. You have shown the reasons very clear though the one is still not very clear to me – you have written that diabetes can be caused by the part of the country you live in. Could you please specify what does it mean? What are the risky places?

    • What I Have read about the studies on it is, the sun’s ultraviolet B (UVB) rays causes the skin to produce the vitamin D that our body uses. Solar UVB radiation is weaker at higher latitudes, and people who live in higher latitudes usually have lower vitamin D levels than people who live closer to the equator. They have studied  for years and researchers have been amazed by north-south geographical differences in rates of type 1 diabetes, colon cancer, multiple sclerosis, and other diseases – for example, a child in Finland, is 400 times more likely to have type 1 diabetes than a child in Venezuela—and they wondered whether vitamin D or sunlight exposure might be a reason for this. I will put this in the article to give more clarification on it.

  7. Great post again Fred!
    I had no idea diabetes deaths were higher than for AIDS and Breast Cancer! That is staggering and scary! It is getting more and more prevelant in society today. It really is out of control and yet schools and parents seem to see no issue with feeding kids rubbish. Obesity and heart disease also on the increase. Crazy!

    Thanks for a great post that will help people with the disease and those that want to avoid it.


    • Thank you for the comment, I really enjoy seeing people get the good out of these articles. The statistics of these diseases is astonishing, makes a persons think a little more about them. I have many topics on health and if there is one you want to know about, just leave me a message below. I’ll get back to you.

  8. Fred,
    Thanks for the insight into this disease. Both my wife and I have Type 2 diabetes and are on medication for it.
    My uncle had it and lost both legs, eventually dying from it.
    A friend now has it and has lost first one leg, and just recently his other leg.
    This is a dreadful disease! If you have it, take it seriously. Do what your doctor tells you to do. Avoid sugar, eat and live healthy, exercise, take your pills, and oh yes, exercise.

    • Thanks for your comment Ed, Diabetes is a terrible disease, for some worse than others. I had a grandpa who had arthritis the crippling kind, this was years ago. He had poor circulation like diabetes. He wound up losing both legs and then eventually died from it. There is more knowledge on it now. I appreciate you reading this post, If there is anything about it I can help you with, just leave me a message below.

  9. Hi Fred, very interesting post. We have heard a lot in our news lately here in Britain that you can actually prevent/cure and control type 2 diabetes through diet and exercise. In many cases poor diet is to blame for triggering this disease, and pretty much all of us have been eating a poor diet with too many refined sugars mist of our lives. It’s only just been realised that our bodies can only assimilate, depending on our size, age and sex between 3 and 7 teaspoons a day. Most people have that fin there breakfast and before they’ve even left the house in the morning. Little wonder so many have now become type 2 diabetic, even young children. I think, the biggest cure will come through education on prevention and management. What do you think?

    • Thanks for the comment Stephanie, I think your right especially on the part of education. The more the news gets spread around the people will here about it. That’s what we are trying to do with our websites. The more people see it written the more they will take notice and eventually read. Most people do take in to much sugar and salt on a daily basis without even realizing. If they get to read a article about it, then, maybe just then, they will think about it.

  10. This post is really informative and just what I was looking for.
    Just recently my Grand Mother has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It is unbelievable really, as she is 84 and has never really had health issues in her life. This one took us all by surprise.

    I was looking for some good tips to deal with this issue, and I found what I needed right here.



    • Thanks Chris for the comment, yes that sounds odd to me also, to be 84 years old and diagnosed for diabetes. That just shows it can happen o anybody. Nobody is free from getting it. Sorry to here that and I wish here the best. I’m going to be looking for more things to help with that.

  11. Hi Fred,
    This is a very useful post. You have brought awareness to many people the seriousness of diabetes. I lost my grandmother, uncle and aunt to this disease. It is in the family. My niece is on insulin since a teenager now in her 30s. We need to be on a strict diet.
    Continue posting, Fred. It helps people live greater health!

    Stay healthy,

    • Thank you, Sharon, for the comment. I really enjoy helping to bring awareness of all these serious diseases and conditions. You know if one person gets help then it is worth it. Diabetes is something that needs to be taken seriously.

  12. Hello Fred,
    My dad had diabetes and died of a heart attack. So, I really find your information valuable and relevant. I have, perhaps because of my family history, always been extra careful when it comes to my health. For example, I don’t drink because of the high sugar content that alcohol has. Nevertheless, it’s good to be reminded that I need to vigilant about my health. Great and helpful article.

    • Thank you, Thabo for the comment. I’m glad you are taking care of your health and I’m sorry about your dad. We can learn the tricks for a healthier and longer life but we have to live it. I don’t drink alcohol or smoke but we got to do more that’s where our work comes into play.

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