Why do we have MOLES on our body?


Moles, is it good to have them on our body? Most every one has them somewhere on their body. Moles and Freckles are something we can’t control very well, we may get them or may not but the main thing about having them on our body is getting them checked by a doctor if they look abnormal.

There is a chance that a mole could be cancerous, so we should watch the amount of time we spend in the sun and use a sunscreen when we are in it.

I know a friend of mine who got melanoma from a mole that grew inward and spread all through his body and enventually lead to his death.

Even though moles can be on anyone or can be just about anywhere on the body it’s best that we pay attention to our body and be much aware of what might be growing on it.

What I want our readers to know is that not all moles are bad and some people use or consider them beauty marks that become very normal and part of our description.

They also can become cancerous if not checked by your physician or health-care provider.

More importantly today we want to know what they are and what causes them.

We take care of the other organs of our body the skin is the biggest we best not forget about it.

What are Moles?

Moles are dark spots on our skin that most people have they are very common. We can be born with them or develop them when we are young. Certain moles have different size, shapes, or color depending on your own decision you can keep them or have them removed it’s your choice.

What are the Causes?

What we know and what we can tell you.

Melanocyctes are responsible for skin color or pigment when they group together they form moles or freckles.

Moles that come on our body can come from the genes we inherent from our parents or the exposure to the sun when we are young. This can play a major role in the amount of moles we have on our skin.

Just because light colored skin is more susceptible to moles or getting a lot of sun exposure that doesn’t mean we will or will not get moles but that we have a greater chance.

Much like moles freckles are flat spots that are light brown or reddish on the skin they can be raised or flat.

Its hard to avoid moles because all people and races have them.

Can Moles be Prevented?

Preventing a mole is something like we said earlier we have no control over. We can try to do things to prevent them but there is no sure way to completely stop them.

Some can be distracting, some can be called beauty marks, some can be just there or some could be deadly.

There are things we can do to reduce the amount we have or even slow them down but to completely stop them is something that is almost impossible.

Steps to Reduce Moles

We can do things to reduce the moles on our skin.

Wearing sunscreen on the skin where the sun hits it when out in direct sunlight. One note make sure your sunscreen is strong enough to work adequately.

Staying covered with long sleeves and pants anytime you are going to be in direct sunlight for a long period of time.

If your skin is light colored you should use twice as much protection when it comes to sun exposure.

Keep check on your body for growth of moles and visit your health care provider if you have any concerns.

What are the Concerns with Moles?

Melanocytes produce melanin which is the pigment that colors the skin, hair, and eyes.

Most moles and freckles are benign but some could form melanoma a malignant form of skin cancer.

Melanoma causes malignant tumors that grow from moles on the skin.

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun or tanning beds cause the damaged cells to mutate.

This is a scary situation because everyone loves the sun and being out in it enjoying ourselves.

We have to learn to use sunscreen and limit ourselves to too much direct sunlight.

Our Take on this for “YOU”

We want all who are able and can to get out in the sun enjoy life to the tee. Exercise play sports run jump have fun be happy. While doing all this take care of yourself and your family. Keep regular checks on your body keep regular doctor check ups.

Livegreaterhealth.com wants to encourage every one to be and stay healthy all their life. This will make our lives extended and more enjoyable will we are here on this earth.

There are many dangers in this life and always have been that we have to watch out for to be safe nothing has changed on that part. Now we want YOU to watch out for yourself and your family to stay healthy and to keep on top of health issues.

This site is here to help with all those health needs when you need to know something about and for your health always check our website out first.


As we end another article here at livegreaterhealth we appreciate our readers and want to thank them for using our site for your health and fitness needs. We would like to know your health problems so we can write a helpful article for you.

One that can help you on your road to a successful change for the good in your life. With that being said we would like for you to leave us a comment and tell us what you would like for us to write about.

Staying physically fit goes a long way in being healthy but it is only half the way to being fully healthy. We are talking about the Body, Mind and Soul.




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  1. Hello Fred. As usual, your articles are always full of information. This topic of moles is absolutely good to know. We must be mindful of our body’s changes. A simple mole can turn nasty if we missed a spot. Thanks for the useful details. Sharon

    • Thank you, Sharon for the comment. I appreciate all readers that take the time to read these health articles, because who knows it might save their live some day. Knowing our body and being aware of more things about our body will help us live longer more enjoyable lives.

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